The best MVP knows: the best way to apply Fiba for Clarkson is quiet, not to # 39; make sound & # 39;

SAMAHANG's Basketball chairman Pilipinas, Manny V. Pangilinan, said the leadership of the SBP will endeavor to ensure that Jordan Clarkson is eligible to play for the Pilipinas team in the FBA Basketba 2019 World Cup.

Pangilinan said that he is supporting the & # 39; a game that Clarkson plays as a local citizen to strengthen the Philippines's chances of doing so; achieve the development of the 2014 World Cup in Seville, Spain, where Gilas Pilipinas won a game against Senegal.

"Everyone's personal desire is Jordan Clarkson as part of the World Cup team," said Pangilinan, a member of the Fiba Media Group.

Clarkson has said he plans to go to the team in the Fiba Basketball World Cup to come through social media mail. But that's easier to say what he did without Fada rules allowing one of the best players to allow the competitions allowed.

Under the Fiba rules, a natural player is considered to have a passport after converting 16 years of age.

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As things stand, Andray Blatche is the naturalist player for the Pilipinas Team in China's great vision, and Clarkson needs to be renamed as a Fiba so Philippine will have to do so; run.

Pangilinan argued that it is better than being aggressive in embedding for Clarkson into the Pilipinas team as a local place.

"In many ways, you need to understand the Fiba culture. Certainly, we would do our best to encourage them. The method might probably be a quiet place instead of to create sound, "said Pangilinan.

But Pangilinan said that the SBP would be involved in applying for the Clarkson application.

"We have tried to do our best … There are no certificates and certificates. It's up to Fiba," said Pangilinan.

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National coach Yeng Guiao said he is leaving Clarkson's status in the World Cup to the SBP leadership.

"I do not think there is any Filipino that does not want Jordan Clarkson in the team. We all want it in the team. But it's up to the process and what we can do about it . Ako, wala akong magagawa doon but taste ko nandiyan siya, "says Guiao.

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