The government will order to split product into, untreated meat

MANILA – The authorities will coordinate the fruits, vegetables and meat that will be introduced to the Philippines without proper sanitation permits, Secretary of Agriculture, Emmanuel Piñol, said Wednesday.

Officers based in the ports of the country have been more rigorous in checking out to have a " finding new material among swine flu and appearing in other parts of the world, he said.

"Alam ko marami ang magtatampo (I know some are feeling bad) but I hope you can understand the dangers that your activities may have on Philippine agriculture," said Piñol in the statement, a & # 39; dealing with those who are visually impaired or handicapped out of print.

The agricultural sector has been secretive because Banana Philippine's business is suffering from Panama's Illness, which causes deer, and the industry is threatened African swine flu, Piñol said.

"As the name suggests, the illness came from another country. How do you think it came here? That is because of the sadness that is the Curantine Officers in the past, "said the agricultural commander.

"We believe for your understanding because we can not freeze anyone from the rule that these materials can not go into the country without the sanitation licenses he needed, "he said.

In the last month, Piñol gave a number of officers to airports under the Agricultural sector for the failure of footsteps in all the induction centers in the country that would help to # restricting the spread of swine flu.

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