The little boy of Mars could – The Spur

After living 50 times longer than expected first, Mars & rover Opportunity has died. Two similar rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, were launched in 2003 for the Mission Exploration Rover (MER) NASA. They landed on Mars Jan. 2004 with a three-month expectation to last while they were travel less than a mile. The spirit reached its border in 2010 after the rough ground that the rover caught. There were opportunities going over all expectations and it was over fourteen years old, and # 39; finalizing his mission.

Find access to Mars features on Mars, explode crack and & # 39; a rock survey and its impact; at a heat wing after landing on the Red Planet. The rover traveled over 28 miles during his life.

According to National Geographic, Ian Callas, project manager for the Mars Exploration Rovers mission, said: "With this goal, more than the other strategic initiatives, we have been doing human beings, and so we enjoy much more difficult. But at the same time, we must remember this amazing work – the historical research we have done. Thinking it will be a long time before any mission goes beyond what we were able to do. "

It is believed to have been a storm of dust; from the Mars seasonal wind, which lasted from November to January, Unfortunately, Unfortunately, Opportunity. Previously, the storms helped by removing the round red dust on solar Opportunity panels, expand their lives. This time, however, Cothrom did not pass through. NASA put orders to try to revive the rover on January 25, which believed that the rover was a cause of an invalid antenna or clock in a quiet. NASA is now saying that "Perseverance Valley", named after the constant opportunity, is now a place that remains forever for this rover.

"Despite the end of Opportunity, the future is clear for a continuous Mars examination," according to Brian Healy, a graduate astrophysics student at Johns Hopkins University. The rover Curiosity is coming into the seventh year of science, and # 39; Finding water signs and past life on the surface of their Red Planet. The Insight landscape has recently come to explore structure within Mars, cunning activity and weather. Another rover, which will be launched in 2020, will penetrate deeply into the earth; planet to confirm if there is ever life on Mars.

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