The money gives a prize of the bills of T

Treasury Bureau (BoT)
THE MANAGEMENT took part of the Finance bills to climb rates.

The MANAGER won a prize of the Government's bill (T-shirt) that it would take on Mondays as market players had a " sales sales expectancy.

The Treasury Bureau (BTr) was loaned only P15.598 billion from the P20 billion he planned to build. The investors were entering P28.862 billion, lower than the P30.316 billion in the offers made this week.

Breakdown, the Finance Department only loaned P4.39 billion out of the programmed P6 billion through the ten-day ten-day tenor although the P7.030 billion bid reached.

This is, as the average level of the papers ranged up to 18.3 points (bp) to 5.733% from the 5.55% received during previous roots.

For the 182-day bills, the P6 billion borrowed a loan bill as planned out of total bids according to P13.874 billion. The average yield raised 4.5 bps to 5.978% from 5.933% received last year.

On the other hand, the government won a part of the 364-day papers, and only accepted P5.208 billion out of its & # 39; P8 billion program and total grants come to P7.958 billion. Just the average yield 6.9 bps to 6.052% from the 5.983% mentioned in a previous offer.

The Treasury opened again the instruments once again, which was issued for government holdings from 2-4 p.m. yesterday.

Based on the reporting levels of the Bloomberg PHP Evaluation Service, the three-month, six-month and one-year papers were 5,566%, 5.89%, and 6.153% yesterday.

After the auction, Deputy Treasurer Erwin D. Sta. Ana said that the Government was seeing tenders to see; including 1.5 times the offer amount, although most of the application was 182-day papers.

"Referrals from the reports in particular (aiming to) have a concern about the RTB performance case (a band of Treasury band). So the GSED ( government security security dealers) that impact on that distribution, "said Mr Sta Ana to pastors today.

The National Treasurer, Rosalia V. De Leon, said the week in which the government has been trying to " RTB, even as she said that the situation of the state's current situation is "pretty healthy."

"It could be (the RTB distribution) this month … the timetable is still within its first season," Mr Sta. Ana said that the joint sale of the joint sale, which allows investors to sell the instruments, can be purchased online through the Treasury website.

"If we have ever been to submit the RTBs, there will be an online part, which means that individual archives can access our website and there will be an order form. "

RTB will be given to the general public audience. Before the bonds are sold publicly, the instruments will be offered first for optional financial venues at a set-rate auction.

The deputy treasurer said that there was still a need to complete the amount of the RTB as well as the smallest amount, although Ms De Leon noted the last week that the Finance Department will " 39; look at the belly belly. "

Invitation to comment, an trader stated that T-bill levels were slightly higher but still within expectations to & # 39; market.

"The application has been circulated on the T six months due to the success of the potential market of RTBs," said his / her. company, saying that the BTR could sell a "faster faster" salesman equivalent to the value of P70 billion worth it's pay out today.

For this season, the government is trying to borrow a P360 billion. Some P240 billion will be lent by this verse by 12 weekly T-shirts. On the other hand, the P120 billion value of the Treasury vans will be issued through six points per fortnight. – – Karl Angelo N. Vidal

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