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Young mother is warning of a scam after getting more than £ 520 for an iPhone

A young mother who thought she was buying an iPhone bargain on Facebook Marketplace alerts others about the complex scam that left her £ 520 from her pocket.

Georgina Ambrose-Rourke, 23, saw how the iPhone XS Max was high-priced, selling its sites and selling ECHO Liverpool reports.

If it costs Apple £ 1,499 from Apple, its old mother from Wavertree thought she was getting a real poem – this one had been listed for just £ 620.

But he said the contract was very good to be true, because the phone – which was given in the original box & phone; along with your receipt & # 39; – in consequence.

Georgina said: "I told him that the wife had sold him to find out if he was still there and within an hour or two she said she could kill her.

The deceitful receipt

"I didn't think anything at all and I thought it was a good payment. She said someone would come out that night. T [Monday, March 25].

"A man came and handed me the phone, which is a new in a closed box and got rid of a Warehouse Carphone. He said he was under one year's warrant."

What rights do I have if I bought and sold on Facebook Marketplace?

Customer Watches What? Facebook Marketplace has guidance on consumer rights. Here is some of their advice.

Avoid paying in advance Try not to pay for anything in advance without being seen.

Screenshot It is a good idea to take a picture of the record to keep a record of how the result was explained when you bought it. That is evidence of a dispute.

Buy for the right price Browse other sites, such as Amazon, Ebay, Gumtree and other online auction options, to find out about other prices, and make sure you compare the difference in cost t a new hand-in-hand buying.

Look at the buyer's profile Discuss reasons for concern such as:

  • The image was recently established
  • It has a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes
  • They are not marked in any picture – normally a human being
  • They have no Facebook friends in their local area. The more suspicious, they are related all over the world, with few or no local friends.

Facebook isn't verifying the results available. If you can, it's a good idea to check anything you want to buy before you spend your money.

As usual on-line sales and as a general rule, if something is like being too good to be true, perhaps it is.

Best practice is to consider independent review of anything you want to buy online. It is also a good idea to ask if the products are remembered for a product, or if a safety warning has been issued.

Information about the individual or lack of information may also provide you with the information that you wish to meet in person.

She gave £ 520 of money with the promise of moving the rest of the price the next morning – but when she opened the new purchase she realized that the price was too good to true.

Georgina said: "At around 11.30pm that night I went to bed, a box was lit and I was made up. It was just a bit of a battery and I put it in and as I did, he said Android 's system up and my heart fell.

"Everything is the same as iPhone. Even the options are the same. When you go to send in a message or send something up not to the key iPhone, it's an Android key.

The phone had an Android operating system

"I thought I hadn't seen anyone with the new iPhone and so it may just be a new key. I went online and put a difference between a fake and a real one and they were all true, and I realized that he was deceitful. "

Georgina bought the phone from a woman named Charlene Collins on Facebook Marketplace – but a friend saw him try to make contact with the online scammer that she had changed her name to Cassi Chloe Davie Johnjoe McDonagh.

On Tuesday morning, Georgina left her daughter six years, Lucy, at school and went to the Carphone Warehouse car to try what happened.

She said that a member of staff had not bought the phone at the store, and that they were not finding out what they would get.

What rights do I have if I buy something wrong on Facebook Marketplace?

Currently, Facebook Marketplace is only open to individuals, not business. So it is likely that you will be buying from a private retailer in the same way as you purchased from a registered advertisement in a local paper, and the principle of a customer buyer is # 39; engaged.

When you purchase from an individual (as opposed to a salesperson), the Consumer Rights Act says that the materials you receive must be as defined by the retailer.

For example, something should not be given something new. If so, the seller shares a contract.

If the retailer sends your money, but you do not pass anything on, or the purchaser pays an unpaid item, this will also be a clear breach of contract.

But things can be fine. If you can't reach agreement between yourself you must try to resolve another dispute or with small claims court.

Report that retailers do not share good intentions

Facebook says customers can also have the option of informing retailers that they don't have a good job.

The company says that it will quickly review and take appropriate action, which can take a career away from banning someone from Facebook on a complete basis.

However, the company does not ensure that items sold or sold in the market are sold or delivered, and it is not possible to verify whether the purchaser or seller has received it was agreed.

Since giving her experience on social media, Georgina has been communicating with another man who believes he had put his wife out.

He had bought a second line from someone who was using the same telephone number and address – and that the same subject was put off at home. The man also had a Carphone Warehouse deposit.

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Georgina said she shared her story with the hope that they would warn others to buy mobile products on Facebook. She said: "Indeed I am not getting my money back now because it has gone – but people are working hard for their money and getting rid of hundreds of pounds. T "

ECHO contacted the Facebook user who was behind the sale but did not receive a response at the time of publication.

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