YouTube YouTube criticized YouTube for adding to the sex theory by black explorer Katie Bouman

  • Dr Katie Bouman, who helped make the capture of the first black hole statue, has been the target of online systematic chaos.
  • As news features of the work of Bouman developing algorithm for the Telescope Horizon Event team, some social media and YouTube participants advanced a notional philosophy that another team leader Andrew Chael developed , much more work on the process.
  • Despite what Andy Chael threw out, YouTube YouTube's Katie Bouman video clip encourages the idea of ​​conspiracy and bothers Bouman that he robbed credit for at the top of the project.
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An anecdote about the work of Dr Katie Bouman on the capture of the first black statue earlier this week, another group was creating their own version of the story that was put on by Bouman from a hard work of a man. T male collaborative team at Horizon Event Telegram team.

This false commentary quickly passed to social media and YouTube. Earlier this evening, people began to realize that a video result with a user named Mr Bouman came on the first result when Bouman was named on YouTube.

The video, entitled "Woman Wave 6% of Work but Getting 100% of the Religion" says that one person named Andrew Chael personally 850,000 lines of code for the Event Horizon project, and did not write Bouman. only a few miles. Categories for the video included "a progressive agenda," "robbing credit," and "a truth about a woman."

List of the email tags that are associated with the video t

As the movement gradually grew, Chael offered another public re-think through Twitter.

Mr Obvious's video was a major result yet when Chael tried to correct the abusive ideas, even as YouTuber reiterated his original video was misleading. Mr Obvious admitted that in the theory Calder had not written 850,000 lines of code, but he remained accurate to what he was doing by Bouman.

He wrote, "Apparently, Andrew Chael has not written 850,000 lines of code and it is unclear how many lines it made, it appears that 500,000 net data lines leave around 350,000 lines of code without t If that was given to the address value, it would mean that it wrote in writing, 14% of the Code should be fair, it was granted that 80% of the code was fair. male science scientists. " t

On 12 April, a number of Twitter users began to criticize YouTube for encouraging video. Obvious. Finally, it stopped appearing in the results. Based on a public statement published on Friday afternoon, the change came after YouTube Bouman added to the list of news-related research topics.

In a statement published on Friday, YouTube said that they are working to bring more authentic sources to the research findings as learners identify news-related issues, which has changed things by news. also borders as video video; Although the algorithm usually looks for the latest videos in a research, YouTube gives priority to news sources when the search topic is announced.

“We have taken a number of steps to address this including including more authoritative content on our site for people accessing news-related topics. minimize proposals at the lowest level and introduce more resource-based information panels where they can provide information for themselves, "said a YouTube spokesperson on Business Insider." We have seen significant progress as a result and we are committed to making further improvements. ”

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