Zimbabwe: Court – Money Completed by Magaya $ 700 over an HIV treatment claim

Picture: Zimbabwe New

Walter Magaya (in black) leaves the court on Tuesday 6 February 2019.

$ 700 boundaries were cut by Walter Magaya and his company Aretha Medicines for making and doing. drug marketing that he / she does not cure HIV / Aids.

This is after a man established by the Minister for Health and Welfare (PHD) is guilty of his / her company to Relating to the Habitats Medicines and Control of Habitats Act.

"The accused person has made a public excuse and as stated by the company, a fine will be made," he said as a leader of the " Mrs. Rumbidzai Mugwagwa who told her to rule.

"But, in seriousness, this is a serious crime to kill the remedies for people who may be able to end their cure."

Magaya, through his lawyer, said before the day he tried to comply with the law by warning to Gerald Gwinji, a permanent secretary of the Minister for Health and Childcare his shoulder cold.

Magwagwa, when she ruled, said that it was not right for him to go ahead and illegally marketed the drug.

"It's not there or there," she said, "the accused person should follow the correct procedures.

"It was still the responsibility of the accused person to take instructions and ask for a health minister's authority before he did so."

Mugwagwa said: "The accused person can now not turn and blame the permanent secretary to go out."

Through a lawyer, Everson Chatambudza, Magaya told the court that her Aguma drug was correct as proved in India and buildings that were diagnosed with HIV were approved.

He said he was telling about what he got out of the ministerial health and thought he was going to know about it but was told.

Magaya invited the crew in November last year after making an appeal on the Aretha Medical website that could cure HIV / Aids treatment and cancer-related diseases.

Follow this with media information saying that they did some clinical trials and decided that Aguma could cure the diseases.

The Zimbabwe Medical Control Authority has made confirmations on their records and it was established that I had no registered remedies in Zimbabwe.

On the 31st of October, police received a research and arrest warrant at the Harare Solicitor's Court and attacked the Magaya buildings where they received unregistered preparatory remedies, packaging machines and raw materials of drug production and 20 bags with empty caps, plastic vessels and plastic plastic vessels.

Magaya praised some of the shows by gutting down his office toilets and burning some of the vessels that were burned.

The court heard that Agam bags and breaks were also found in an office bin at the church call center office.

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