PHOTO An uninhabited fine for a driver that allowed his "shoub" to be & # 39; driving on a beach in Constanta in the middle of winter


There was a woman in Bucharest who imposed a 10,000-gally offense from a police after he had been arrested. driving on a beach in Constanta.

Image of the PHOTO article It's a great driver for a driver

PHOTO The fine driver charged 10,000 lei after driving on a beach in Constanta

According to representatives of the Constance Local Constabulary General Constabulary, a 44-year-old Bucharest woman entered a 3-foot descendant in Constanta by a Sunday car, but was seen by local police.

The woman's control was controlled by a & # 39; hindered him.

"The person who was questioned was punished by the number of 10,000 yrs, the control was taken for a Government Emergency breach of 19. / 2006, which provides for the prevention of movement or movement of motor vehicles on the beach, except for those who provide active interventions and beverage maintenance equipment, "said the delegates from the Constance Local Constabulary General Constabulary.

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