PHOTO from the Hliníčana attack (29): Drugs should be sold in a number of places in the area


The police are accused of crime seriously bad. Read what they got about …

An inspector of the PZ Regional Management Group in Banská Bystrica was out
(29) from Hliník nad Hronom for a bad crime
producing sick and psychotropic, poisonous or substitute substances, some
kept and traded. She told him the County Police
the spokesman María Faltániová.

According to the police, the Hlinikan received drug and substance content,
He kept for his needs, but sold them to others

"Many men from Žiar nad Hronom, from Hliník nad Hronom and Lehôtka
Brehmi sold it at least four times thereafter, six times marijuana and
eight pieces of boards. On Friday (November 16) in the evening, after that
maintain and carry out personalized research, & # 39; Voluntarily released the products that are
to an expert review, "describing Faltániová's interference.

As it was further clarified, the experience proved that it was a problem
which values ​​more than 13 grams, as it is possible to prepare at least
166 single-drug doses and marijuana stress more than
11 grams, which could be edited from current sums
At least 68 single doses of the drug.

"The accused person was convicted in court several times in the past
property crime. The last time convicted of achievement
of the official decision and made this situation in the case. The accused was subsequently accused
Implementing polite actions that have been placed in the police cell and the inspector
he praised the proposal to keep it, "
to finish
the spokesman said the judge had ruled the service on Monday (November 19)
complain the accused.


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