PHOTO: Indeed, again, Velenje's sailor, the second trip in Slovenj Gradec, still awaits Celje


The main feature of the events in Celje, Velenje and Slovenj Gradec was that almost a third of the votes did not know who to vote. The pre-election campaign was in a very low level in the three towns with many related allegations.

Already selected in Carinthia

Four Carinthian towns have already received a new (former) master, from Prevalje's master Matic Tasic, межички Dusan Krebel, radeljski Alan Bukovnik and vuzeniški Franjo Golob they did not have their opponent in the elections.

Celjani had been waiting for a long time four years ago on the results of local elections, and this time there is nothing different. Twice after the polling stations are closed, it does not show enough votes to be counted. However, the sailor Bojan Srot he hopes that this time will also be a winner: "The campaign was good in content content, we got a lot of energy over this month and I believe that We have been right, concrete, cultural, and usually it's usually at elections. Today is a very successful day, I'm still happy with the game with Zagreb, and We've definitely been winning, and I hope we also get their game. "

Although there are no votes from Celje, they expect Bojan Srot to win again. PHOTO: Špela Kuralt

In Celje, however, there were many events before elections. So they rejected the list of candidates for Open Celje, Bojan Srot Celje's masterpiece was ruled by the Celje office in the center of Celje's town, and Šrot with the SLS candidate Markom Zidanskom advertisement campaign on jumbo unlawful panels.

The problem was the problem; in Celje Open an Independent List that they submitted the list of candidates with the tender recipients, but too late they also created a logo; voting. Therefore, Otvoreno Celje was only the nominee Mayor, Sandi Sendelbach in the election. Whiskey is hunting for its sixth term, and is said to be re-established in a non-professional way. As a result of its impact, it is & # 39; expects the LLW Council to strengthen the survival of the SLS, the SDS and the SDS government.

It's about nine o'clock in the afternoon Bojan Kontič due to a clear influence in the first round of choral selections, he decided to give a statement about the effects of his third term in the Velenje. Before that time, the Velenje Election Commission accounted for over 92 per cent of the vote, while & # 39; Kontic was 59.3 per cent: "As accountable voters appeared, after half of my account, the difference that has come forward to confirm my choice, and I'm happy with the Velenje SD, she looks great. So we can continue with the work that we did not finish in two terms, because we're waiting to install European finances in involved.

Kontic thanked the electorate and said that the campaign was dirty and some of the lies were. Kontic has six opponent candidates, according to the data to the ninth hour, with Suzana Kavas, SDS candidate, with around 15.5% of the votes.

In Velenje, there were many pre-election events. Invite nine challenging counselors (including three custodial candidates) an incredible meeting of advice; to cite a town, but the current warden and petitioner Bojan Kontic did not do so, so it was stated that he was awful.

Even before elections, the students received Protic's most part; better. PHOTO: Piano Branches

On the foreground there was a oral duel between the current warden Distribution there Tylnom Kluglerjem, because they did not attacking a few small blows against them, and move to the state of the county in the second round.

Klugler Tile participated in a wild battle. PHOTO: Work

Many words and explanations, including social networks, were sent to Crìs and Klugler in the pre-election campaign on urban debt issues. He had been guided so far that Am, who was a Klugler secondary school teacher a few years ago, now criticized Klugler that he can not count.

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