PHOTO: Most of the snow in the west, sometimes even more than twenty centimeters (PHOTO)


Last week, the snow forecast was circulated with a large part of Shlovakia on Monday evening. Snow is the strongest in the western part of the country. There are some walks on some roads, the driving must change to climate and extra care. After the low, it dropped between five and fifteen centimeters of snow, depending on the rejection of weather scientists rising rapidly.

According to Ars, within 12 o'clock on Monday morning to Tuesday morning, at Brnik Airport, three passengers died, while they were in Rateče, a snow 13 cm. Most of the snow fell on the army: 24 centimeters.

The main problems in the Primorska district, where the traffic on the Littoral Road at the Gabrk were separated from Sežana to Ljubljana's attack, blocked the cargo of the goods.

Despite snow, the bicycle is still the best way of transport. PHOTO: Blazh Samec

They told from Celje that the snow in their trips did not disturb large problems. Only in Pečica, where there are some goods vehicles on the road, traffic runs smoothly everywhere.

In Ljubljana, due to the winter situation, specific features have not been noted, PU Ljubljana has reported. From the sixth hour of the morning, there were three small accidents and one with a physical injury, but no-one did in the winter.

»Usually, the main roads and roads in Gorenjska are transported and pulled and shaken. Despite this, the situation is completely different on Monday and needs a specific driver. Speed ​​speed, increased safety and the right side or travel route are essential. Do not pass, "said from PU Kranj.

They also gave drivers a warning to & # 39; watch the walkers carefully. The Vršič license and the Strmec-Mangart road were closed. The Razdrto-Podnanos regional road was also closed. The chains are essential at the Korensko crossroads, on the side of Austria Phas Ljubelj, the Italian side of the Predel route and on the Črni Vrh-Col road.

There are some densities about some roads already. PHOTO: Mavric Pivk

It was a delicious Tuesday. there. In the morning and afternoon, he was a Raining in the lowlands of the Primorska area, and snow in Soviet, they wrote Ars. Until dinner, the weather conditions were repaired slightly. In the middle of the day, weakening was weakened. Snow from the south turned to a little water, which happened to the evening.

Sneženje na Rakeku. PHOTO: Mavric Pivk

The daily teles were highest from -1 to 3, in the Primorska division from 5 to 8 degrees Celsius.

Bora is strong
In the morning and in the evening, the strongest shores of small winds, especially in the Vipava valley, exceed one hundred kilometer per hour. Especially at the route between Notranjska and Primorska, wind bridges will build snow bridges.

On the Vipava route between the Nanos ramp and the connection of Selo, traffic prohibition for camera builders, fridges, trolley vehicles and buses is prohibited. On the regional Podnanos-Vipava-Ajdovščina-Selo road, traffic for caravans, fridges and bridge vehicles is prohibited in the area, the So-Vogrsko road is banned for caravans, refrigerators and carrots with tarpaulins up to 8 tons.

On Wednesday, clearly in the Primorska division, wind blow. It will be a bit unusual in other places. The lowest teas in the morning are from 2 to 3, in Primorska to 7, the highest day from 1 to 5, in Goriška and at a & # 39; sea ​​about 12 degrees Celsius.

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