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Ljubljana – The innocent people walked from Ljubljana District Court Patrick Pavček, The Darko Šafarič, The Zdenko Pavček there Bojan Novakwhat the procurator is Matej Oštir Last year, as long as the procedure lasted, he said he was guilty of abuse in terms of their position or assistance in this crime. Judge Jasmina Javornik Confirm the protection that there is no straightforward for such a thing, so the four, and the legal unit, Izletnik Celje, declared their objections and commented on the company who was severely damaged in breaking up to justice.

Prosecutor of Matej Oštir PHOTO: Jure Predanič

The procurator's office has queried the convener of the Viator & Vektor Logistik Petar Pavček, son of Zdenko Pavček's son, Offenses of serious poor condition or trust. The conviction claimed that a decision was made in May 2011 when the company Izletnik Celje sent a subsidiary Viator & Vektor Ro Romanian.

The prosecutor alleged that Peter Pavček signed his name to her; contract with which he sent the Roman company over his case with his / her; Breaking out without a legal case for the Renter and Viator & Vektor Logistika with EUR 1.22 million and this is the case; Celje Excursion received financial gain in this sum.

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In addition to Zdenko Pavček, who was at the top of the Viator & Vektor system, and, according to the procurator, he was aware of the agreement, the former leader of Logistics Bojan Novak and Celje Excursionist, Darko Šafarič, were also responsible for to support maliciousness. The procurator pledged two-and-a-half years ago for Petar Pavček, Zdenka Pavček in the jail, Šafarič year and half prison, and the least for Novak, six months imprisoned. For Nomago, legal follower of the Excursion, the fiscal proclaimed a fine in the sum of 100,000 barley. All defenders refused to blame for the convicted crimes, and the pressure defended them in the closing arguments that he has; expected to be left.

Following a judge followed, and, as stated in the definition, the agreement on the shift of signage was signed in January 2010 with a view to the loans given by the Visitors to the Viator & Vektor Group. In her opinion, she The complaint failed to prove that the agreement was broken and the date after that. She noted, among other things, that the Merchant Passenger and the lender were in a number of other cases in the group and in many cases he saved the Logistics. The agreement was subsequently submitted to the record before the Roman court.

Solicitor Matevž Lobnik PHOTO: Jure Predanič

As the judge said, among other things, this was not a free free movement, as the prosecutor made; decision. Although this was, indeed, there was no cash flow, the other was expressed and such a task was also made, according to a court expert involved in this process . So, not only is there enough evidence for such a request, but it is proved to be the other.

According to his judge, the judge can not injure the Petar Pavic paper to hurt Logistics, after that, it is not as reasonable as Zdenko Pavček to do so; promises that he should be damaging his & # 39; add to its capability. "As Zdenko Pavček told the court, the decision was to send logistics for the Logistiki of his abusive river Because he lost everything.

In the court's opinion, it was clear that a company already had in financial difficulties during the time when it was in the process of being in a position; but it was not unthinkable, as the complaint asked in the & # 39; complaint, thus changing so before the end of its procedure. In an unusual way, however, the judges summoned the procurator Matej Oštir's words, if his court is a decided that Peter Pavček was not guilty of an immorality of an office, he would consider whether there was a crime of damaging beliefs at least.

"If the complainant is not sure in the final words what crime the accused has made, how should his court be considered beyond the reasonable doubt," she said, says the court's judgment did not; including credit debts and it was not clear, what type of damage should have caused.

Expecting that such a judgment is maintained at a higher court, after the judgment has been said, the solicitor Petar Pavčič Matevž LobnikThe Post Office But the procurator fails to think that his / her; court has given too much pressure to protect the accused, not to the documents in the file, which, according to its proof, prove the offender's offenses. "I could go from proof to witness, what will I do in the appeal to his or her criticism," he said. The case will be handled by a & # 39; higher court too.

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