By 7pm, the highest snowfall, according to automated measuring stations, led to the Army, which is 1000 meters above sea level, 24 centimeters, describes the Environment Agency (Arso).

We look down In Ljubljana there is snow for a sample, because it is difficult to catch the ground. There is more snow in Gorenjska and Carinthia. There are ten centimeters in Kranj and ten people in Bohinj. It is also 5 inches in Strath Mežica Uarach. There are five centimeters of white enough in Bela Krajina, and another in Logatec and Vrhnika.

snow, fireman1


In Strath Savinja, where it is still snow, overnight a snowfall has fallen from 5 to 10 centimeters. The photo from Žalec.

The snow is slowly degrading, and the slopes are lightened. Even in the evenings the borax will not be longer than the warning values.

snow cover height, 11/20/2018


The height of its snowplane is 7m.