PHOTO: Rakovec is run in Kranj, Racin in Jesenice, and Sajovic in Tržič


Interesting pre-election turns were held in some Gorenjska towns. In most of the towns, an applicant already has a & # 39; (since only one nominee) or the power co-power is so clear that the maid's towns will surely get their first trip. In some towns it is too hot. The choice of candidates is also different, making the race race even more interesting.

PHOTO Matjaž Rakovec: Work

Non-official data shows that the second tour is in the Municipality of Kranj. Unofficial results of 17 of the 41 polling stations show that He got the majority of votes Matjaž Rakovec (good 30 per cent of votes), and followed him Zoran Stevanović (which is low by 24 per cent of votes), then Iztok Purich (good 17% of votes) and Ivo Bajec (over 16% of votes).

All previous checks showed the best result for Rakovec, but he says he hopes to be rated at least in the second round. In his constituency, Dr. Dr is the lively figures, the television is set by fire, and outside with walkers who travel around the middle of a & # 39; town, the Emperor Emperor will serve them.

Stevanovic is counted on & # 39; win in the first round, but certainly at least a & # 39; participate in the other. He is surprised by voters low, but he believes his supporters have voted in a great deal. In his home council he is expecting at least five seats, who, as he said, may have been able to influence welcoming good ideas for Kranj already.

Purič says the numbers in the second successful tour. "I would not go into the battle if I thought we did not succeed, but what it will be," he said quietly.

Bajec ensures that there is a second trip in Kranj and he gets the other end. It is astonished at how little interest he has, since, as he said, at the time he volunteered, a number of voting stations were put forward. It is true that this was between eleven and eleven, that is, at the end of most Sundays. "Our party (SDS) is a loyal voting base, it is true," he said and explained that it might be a bonus to have a & # 39; to a small extent. Jana Zupančič Grašič

You can see eight candidates at the head of Kranj town. There is no current warden Boštjan Trilar, which became a broader extent for Slovakia when it came to pass. It caused a traffic accident with a domestic car drink. Applicants include: Ivo Bajec, The Zoran Stevanović, The Iztok Purich, The Bogomir Šubelj, The Robert Nograshek, The Primož Terplan, The Matjaž Rakovec there Barbara GunčarSouth Westerly

EXPERIENCE MAKING: What were the voters?

This tour also, Jesenice was one of the towns where a more fun county game was held. The old sea Thomas Tom Mencinger Challenges six candidates; including those called the general public. in addition to Gordane Ane Višnar Župančič, The Žarka Štrumbla there Janka Pirca they are still running Alma Rekić, called chief chef and former judge in the MasterChef Slovenia, Miha Rebolj, the current advocate, or the first hockey player, and Blaž Račič, former journalist journalist and journalist for Delo.

After around 91% of the votes counted, Račič is the best (23 per cent better), and Mencinger (more than 22 per cent of votes).

In Jesenice, the second tour promises to have Mencinger then, and Miha Rebolj and Blaž Račič will be the second place. Alma Rekić knows much more in the media, but it should not be included in the second round. PHOTO: Delo Archive

Sixteen are in Tržič who is a county master Borut Sajovic and the Admiral and Member of the SDS Pavel RuparSouth-West Both were responsible for media addresses. Mayor Sajovic, for example, has collaborated with his colleagues in the township for the eighth of March with a chocolate fault. Rupar is When he was a member of the National Assembly, he went to a co-worker from the parliamentary body to scrutinize the Crotch, and sent an annual prison service to damage the budget to his / her; town. He is also a councilor among the candidates Klemen Belhar, who was Deputy Vice President last year Dusan Bodlah Reporting to the police as it was a danger. They are still running Andrej Frelih, The Drago Zadnikar there Dusko KrupljaninSouth Westerly

After more than 92% of votes have been counted, Sajovic, who received just under 49% of the votes, is the best answer. Rupar continues with a good 19 per cent of the vote.

In Tržič, Ambassador Borut Sajovic and Pavel Rupar are the most prominent candidates. PHOTO: Delo Archive

Bohinj is a town where the media is widely reported, especially because it is so important for tourists. He is on his mast Jose Sodo, who may be an applicant in the temporary performance of his or her office. The seaman Kramar Franc he was elected to the National Assembly, where he is a member of the SSA, and the Judge in those elections attempts to be a full order. They will still compete for their & # 39; city Janez Režek, The Emil Šubelj there Bojan Traven, which is known to the public as a long-term journalist and editor, and in recent years, among other things, is a town councilor from Bohinj.

In Bohinj there were only five percentage points counted. At the moment, Sodi has a 43 percent good guide, with Traven with only 38 per cent of the vote.

In the town of Kamnik, his chosen master lost, because she was Marjan Šarec has entered the state's policy, the chairman of a mariner has been a former minister to date Igor ŽavbiNext-hand They also run for full order and & # 39; compete with them Matjaž Zorman, The Sandi (Aleksander) Ursic, The Anton Tone Smolnikar (who had already been the seaman's office), Dusko Pope, The Matej Slapar there Štefan VirjentSouth Westerly

In Zirovnica, there are two candidates – an old master – running for a home; seaman Leopold Pogačar there Mojca VenePost-The current winner is expected to win in the first round.

Kranjska Gora – old master Janez Hrovat
Beanntan – the current warden Patrick Torkar
Bled – the last one Janez Fajfar
Jezersko – Andrej Karničar
Železniki – old master Anton Luznar
Vodice – the current warden Aco Franc Shustar
Komenda – the current warden Stanislav Poglajen

In the town of Radovljica there are five candidates. The current sailor Cyril Globočnik they went into the game Andrej Potočnik, The Branko Fajfar, The Dalibor Šolar there Vojka JesenkoIt is said that a disturbance will be committed by a large majority; master.

A hard battle was held in Škofja Loka, which ensures that there is a new seaman. Current high school Miha Ješe he does not stand for election. For its "continuity", there were three candidates against: Rolando Krajnik, The Tine Radinja there Robert StrahSouth Westerly

So far, they have counted 69 percent of the vote, and the game is very similar. The Radinja was 41, and feared 40 per cent.

PROPERTY MAKING: Electoral constituency in Tolmin Ravne.

In Naklo's town, his pre-election game was specifically marked by the event when he was a seaman Mark of the Ants someone set up a box with three cats drowned on the front of a restaurant door and a photograph of the stolen mockery. It's better to show the ants, but their keepers are Primož Povše, The Ivan Meglič, The Oman stopped there Drago GoričanSouth Westerly

There are four candidates in Domžale: the current warden Tony Dragar they went into the game Метод Марчун, The Bojan Arh there Alenka Rezinovich Reza, which is also known to the media in Slovenia as a broadcaster, since she was a radio director and time director for POP TV for many years.

In the city of Šenčur, you are the factor Ciril Kozjek He wants a new order, and wants to sit on his throne Matej Knific, The Валерий Грашич there Igor EzerPost-E And it should be expected to be the current warden.

Municipality Žiri should maintain its preservation; current sea Janez ŽakljaShe was expected to win her in the first round, because of her Andrej Poljansek According to the vote of Gorenjski Glas there is not enough vote.

In the town of Preddvor, the current warden Look Zadnikar it does not run for more, and there are three candidates that & # 39; competing for his post: Rok Roblek, The Aleš Drekonja there Miha LikarSouth-West It's best to tell Roblek.

Slavko Poglajen he will manage one of the most close-up towns – Komenda, and will take it to another because he was the only seaman nominee; there.

In addition to Gornji Petrovci and Solčava, Komenda is the third in debt to the citizen: each citizen is responsible for 1071 euros. He has arrears the debt he collected, and in the last few years, he reduced, or at least did the supervisors punish the meters they borrowed to the neck: " Most people know how to work well and do not know about the debt. There are other people's criteria. They are worried that the roads are not on put in place or – in our case – they are not right coasts. This is because we can not get an extra loan for the euro, they do not even know that this is not the case that the Sewage project should already be completed if he had to return a loan of at least one million euros. As we work with our own property, we will not fill it for another two years. And as you said , people are not interested here … "It is managed as the only one For a seaman, who would "eat" the campaign, for charity purposes. П. М.

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