#Photo Renault has launched a new generation of chlia


The fifth generation of a comic car, which has already sold 15 million units, will be shown to the public for its first time at Show Motor Geneva. New clips will come to the European and Swedish markets in the autumn, with a new print of 100% of the components.

According to French car manufacturers, it looks like new, outdoors, and the most innovative features in its new media, with a 9.3-inch multimedia display on the phone; work desk and digital meter. This will be available in three sizes – 7, 9.3 and 10 inches.

The new generation is a shorter generation of 14 miles (4,048 millimeters) compared to the previous one, less than 30 miles, and shorter than the middle for six millimeters. However, for 66 millimeters, the range is more spacious, ranging from Reanult from 300 to 391 liters and this is the largest in class.

The engine has a two-liot engine litter, as well as an engine and a 1.5 liter petrol engine.

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