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Ľubomír Višňovský, Miroslav Šatan and Ján Lašák
Ľubomír Višňovský, Miroslav Šatan and Ján Lašák

BRATISLAVA – Miroslav Šatan's long-term ice hockey captain officially decides to play in 18 December 2018 at the Ondrej Nepel Stadium in Bratislava. At the showcase event titled "# 18 Sharks, a great thank you," the largest group from the "Slovakian Golden Age", who won a full round of medals from the world competitions. The episodes of the play are symbolic after 18 minutes. At this time, Šatana will also give you the glory of Siena Sheltered Ice Hockey Association (SZĽH).

"I do not like hocaidh, I want to give my knowledge, so I do not think it's a good name for a full farewell, it's more like a meeting of people who has been playing for many years and have succeeded. I think he would not be happy but me, but also many of the people and fans, "he said . Saturday's 44th anniversary Saturday said.

Several Hockey Alek stars have promised to take over, and many are still considering the offer. The listeners can look forward to Ľubomír Višňovský, Petr Bondr, Richard Lintner, Michal Handzus and Jozef Stümpel. "I can play with Ján Filc, I'm waiting for Marián Hossu, I do not know if he is capable of playing, but if not, we'll count him as a team coach, -either " Stanley winner appeared for 2009.

Šatan wants to raise an exhibition in particular on the Swiss hockey players, but the game has also become the famous Czech warden Dominika Hašek. "I have noticed it and it did have time to think, but it was not for a long time, but it's even about taking part even though I can not We also play it, we'll definitely talk about it, I want to be involved, especially Slovakians and every legionist players took up one hockey, I want to We have boys with whom we played for our national team, " the general manager currently represented Slovak representation.

Despite the star set, there is a lot of absences at Edmonton, Buffalo, New York Islanders and Boston, although both are very tough. "All the players that can not exist, some are still active, others are in KHL Slovan – Vlado Országh, Robo Petrovický and Pało Rybár, and I'd like to see it there, but probably they have a program with Slovan so they can not come in. We'll see who comes out and whoever does not, everyone I played and not missed, lost me, Watson said.

One of the youngest stars is one of the most popular Slovakian shows Ľubomír Višňovský history. "I'm pleased to have been named, I hope Miro did not think of it, and now he is a general manager and he knows, so I'm not getting out from the set, so Miro is entitled to most. I've been doing this two years ago, if it was done every year, I would like to I repeat it again, and the feelings of the fans are very beautiful, I hope Miro will enjoy it again, it will be "deadly" behind and bring some goals " another from Topolčian said.

After a long stop, the person with a full medal gathering from the world-wide championship, Jan Lashak, is standing in his goal. "It's a good, beautiful, beautiful thing, it's amazing to meet all those people first, it's fun, it's a relaxation, I'll think I've been a good party before, during and after that. I believe it's personal, we'll connect to the fans and we will live together. It does not seem like a game when I clap my eyes and I did not really feel like doing something and I can not enjoy the atmosphere. I always move in. & I may like it now, though, I know. When I get to the jetty, it will I will turn it back and when I get it, I'll be angry and weird and I'll. The national visitor of the Slobhacia national team has emerged.

The event is also supported by President SZHH Martin Kohút. "We've been here since 2014, when Zeno Cíger has gone to the club, and I think Miro Šatan, who is an inexpensive hockey player in Slovakia, is worthy of In the last few years, this opportunity we would like to use to promote public relations, I believe that it will be an amazing event of gold generation and it will be pleasing to all fans, " said his first person of Slovakia hockey.

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