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Terror became a dream of football. At the beginning everything was a catastrophic introduction, and this was the thing that was wrong; best to happen to them.

With five football tickets from Switzerland ...

Five aims were to turn Suaine
Sunday League League football players at the League of Nations against Belgium. big
hit by Haris Seferovic (center).
Author: TASR / AP, Alexandra

The Swiss media had passed on Sunday afternoon
Mayday identifies a & # 39; Helveti's final game in the year's League magazine
Nations. Nothing to wake up. The duel turns against the Belgian special
A generation from 0: 2 to 5: 2 deserves respect and respect.

"It was a great evening," said Haris Seferovich, the author, after her game

They started to believe

One of Swiss followers wanted to enjoy the & # 39; game with friends
in a pub. But the crow did not taste for less than 17 minutes. In a & # 39;
Thurs Thorg Hazard's second goal is on the Yann Sommer network.

Like some people at the football stadium
The previous person fell. He left the bar. when
he returned home, he did not believe his own eyes.

"People's studio in the TV spoke over half-time breaking
positive and ready. I did not understand, "wrote on Twitters.

The explanation was clear. In the first half of the game, Swiss turned around
3: second

"When you get the first chance in the second minute and an extra minute, it's
Disaster. We let down, we set up and began to believe everything was possible.
In a game where there was nothing left for us, we were guided by it
in fighting with one of the best teams in the world. Those who have seen it
eyes themselves, they talk to children, "he said to the Swiss media
Seferovi & c;

A twenty-year-old wrestler has added three goals. le
We enjoyed competitors of excellence and amazing progress. there
The last round of the League of Nations in Portugal will be. Seferovic
But the football story could have taken another way for five years ago.

Dream unfinished

His parents fled in the 1980s
from Sanski's village to Bosnia to Canton Luzern. fool
hunter with Balkan roots has not escaped football
the largest club inside.

FC Luzern gave him a room for improvement. Seferovic is a & # 39; first time in time.
At the age of 15, he moved to Grasshopper Zurich from the place he put it directly
to Serie A.

In Fiorentine he did not retire and after the host suite he emphasized new ones
opportunities. A man also appeared in the international world. Seferovic found himself
in the view of Bosnia and Herzegovina coach coach Safet Sušič then. though
A passionate traveler appeared in youth representations
Switzerland, this sound made it fantastic.

"We talked about at home. I have Bosnia's blood. It would be good if it was
I can represent the country where my parents grew up. He met
we have a general dream, "replied Seferovic in February 2013.

The last invitation came. But not from Sušič, but from Ottmar Hitzfeld.
"He is a future player worthy of opportunity," he explained
Election of helveti director.

Since then, Seferovic has been regularly dressing red and white. He got it
both MS and ME 2016 in France. In 59 games, he sent 17 visits. thanks
the other three are the seventh best soldier in the country right now.

"For those times you play a football. Before we start thinking
about the final competition, we will build this product. Sometimes you are lucky,
it will still be even if you & # 39; spend 20 minutes. You just need
start playing football and do not give up. Without the best rice, "he said
Seferovi & c;

"I thanked the boy, we set a clear light and sign for the world,"
Swiss coach Vladimir Petkovic added.

Seferovič hetrikom identifies and e # 39; getting involved recently. With your sweetheart
Amina, who they are doing for less than three years, intends to share one
the future of Greece holidays.

"It's too much for me to mean. It gives peace to my soul, it keeps me
balance of life, and a very good chef, "he said
selected by Seferovic.

Anyway, Amina is very busy, she can not see the pictures. But that's that
she is a young woman attractive, yes. Does not believe? Carry out.

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