PHOTO: They found a mine without knowing that it was; sex hide of an unknown dinosaur


The opal found by a miniature in a wilderness in Australia has been the fossil trees of an unknown dinosaur not known until now for a paleontology that has lived around 100 million years ago, recounting port portail Science.

Other bone –The lower birrin of the prehistoric species, which has teeth as a whole– found in the Opalos of Wee Warra range, near Lightning Ridge (New South Wales, Australia) and subsequently Mike Poben, the merchant of this miner who gave the article the researchers.

So, to honor the place of discovery and the person who made it possible, the extinct species was named Weewarrasaurus pobeni, according to the research carried out by experts from the New England University (Australia) and published on Tuesday in the PeerJ scientific magazine.

Scientists reinforced that the remains of a dinosaur were converted and demonstrated that the animal was quested; living in the deserted area, which is covered in sand, during the Cretaceous era, when the site still had a large amount of vegetation.

And they also revealed that the Weewarrasaurus was a species of it clothes -The sub-group of tummy botanical dinosaurs that include iguanodon and Parasaurolophus- and it was an animal about many dogs.

The work authors explained that there were about 100 million years ago near Wee Warra, and there was a sea that started to dry, increase the acidity in the sand.

This allowed the small rocks to escape silica -Not components of sand – which were the same in different gaps and places, and including those present in animal bone remains. Finally, the fatigue was reduced over time, while the silica sediments were hardened opals. In this way many natural molds were created to form dinosaur fossils accurately.

These results will allow skilled scientists to develop a better understanding of the prehistoric diversity of the place, according to the new research, which enriches rich species of life; animals that lived among the thick vegetation.

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