(PHOTO / VIDEO) WRITING IN THE CLÀR, WOMEN AND WOMEN RI DONE TO DURNS! She threw herself into her arms, then she put on IT!


The story of the story was given by Son's wisdom, and told him that someone had come to talk to him. After turning, he saw his wife, Ivan.

– – Animals, they are all cattle. You see what is located in me – In saying, to be sent to pay immediately and threw his wife to shoes.


– – That's why I had to come in. You know I would not go in, do not cry. The outside is a disaster, as if you were worst. They hate those people, I can not tell you what it is; happening. You want to see you – she said.

As shown, show in detail below.

(VIDEO) HAJDE, PUT ME PI * KO! Luna VRISTALA air Marco, MAKE FOR SAFETY! Hit it on the bed

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