Photograph: DAC Dunajska Streda fighting against the UNKA image, which has a club logo


DUNAJSKÁ STREDA 22. November ( – In the Dunajska Streda area, on Monday, November 20, members of the National Criminal Police Group (NAKA) were made with other members of the Slovak Republic police.

She also used a post-up of the FC DAC 1904 football club crew on facebook illustrated drawings. This Fortuna League Party responded through her website.

"We learned about the NAKA tournaments in the Dunajska Streda area from the media. We are praising the fact that the Slovak Republic of Poland will use its facebook photo gallery design drawing taken by the media on While we are not seeing any symbols on this flag that break the laws of a Slovak Republic. We do not also have a & # 39 ; see any link between the NAKA action and this banner. FC DAC is fully supporting UEFA and FIFA's protagonists who are trying to show football as a sportless and hated sport the playground as well as the mast, Danube Club tells the story.

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