Photograph: Father Trnava, Pàdraig Bročka and messengers who promise to fulfill their pre-election commitments


TRNAVA, November 21 ( – Father Trnava, Peter Bročka, and 30 home council electors have accessed the new term. In the second parliamentary term, the broker will be able to rely on the majority in the & # 39; parliamentary convention, with up to 24 BP from its team, named Lepšia Trnava.

Brock introduced the MEPs that they were waiting for them to have fulfilled their commitment before the election.

They are planning to develop a life in Trnava

"Most of you, or the dealers, do not depend on party structures, so I do not know how to do it. Believe that you listen significantly to the people of Trnava, to the services that we are entering today,"The Warden said an old fashioner. Following the commitments and the appointment of MPs for marriage, the city council's opening of the town council will continue in December. In the meantime, the council's council must be established, their councils and council committees must be established. MEP Vladimir Ekhardt did not accept the promise as he could not take part in his / her home council.

According to the Lepšia Trnava Independent Committee Association's election program in four years there are two pre-parked parking spaces on the Rybníkova street and in the estate The rebuilding, other parking areas in the housing estates, have been rebuilt be rebuilt. Štefánikova Street, the SNP Square, will be reformed as Janka Kráľa or Ružový park. Trnava also promises the rebuilding of the Village Summer Stadium and sports halls, in collaboration with the higher area unit, the construction of a sports hall in Prednádraží, a greater pollination of the domestic police in the – estate estates, but also archaeological construction behind St Basil's Cathedral. Nicholas and many other steps to improve life in Trnava.

Most of the BP's & # 39; in support of the Chief

In the urban elections on November 10, Trnavcans were selected by 31 MPs plus Major Petr Broček (Neo-independent, Lepšia Trnava). Of these, 28 are independent, 24 of which are reported to Bročková Better Trnava, three to Private Trnava platform, one who stands independently as independent.

There are two MEPs from KDH and one from SMD. Greener residents made green in the 2018-2022 election time, the age of advice is town at the beginning of the 37.5 year parliamentary term, and the oldest member is 56 years old.

At the last meeting of the Trnava Town Council, where Peter Bročka's home maker, alongside the. parliamentary group, surname promise at the Trnava Town Hall conference hall. Trnava, November 21, 2018.Photo: SITA / Ivan Kopčáni

MEP Tibor Pekarčík at the last meeting of Trnava Town Council, where Peter Bročka's home warden, parliamentary group, surname promise at the Trnava Town Hall conference hall. Trnava, November 21, 2018.Photo: SITA / Ivan Kopčáni

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