Photograph: Ivan Jakeš is ready for 2019 the Dakar Rally after stopping and has high ambitions


BRATISLAVA, November 21 ( – Slavic Ivan Jakeš's Motorcycle bicycles are re-introduced at the Rally Dakar Rally Rally Championship 2019. The heroist who is 55 years old, is familiar with completing his / her age; last verse just since then.

In 2017, the lightning hit him through the race, and broke his hand. Prior to the previous year, he had knocked his knees again in the crash. Now, I'd like to get his fortune again.

The best

"I'm looking forward. After a year of stopping, I was ready for the best. The race is still for a month. In December, I would like to leave for the week to train and shape the form. It's important to come to an end and disagreement can only be avoided. I know many of the "Dakarists," who are eight or nine hours and do not reach the I've always loved it. I hope I'll be fortunate this year, " Jacek told a Wednesday news conference.

The general for the 41th edition of the famous Rely Heart of Morocco deserted exercises in October, where he won the second place.

"Dakar's training card. I wanted to try to know if I moved, and I found it still a bit different. I also had a fair pace. There was no output, but I found myself in a good position, " of Myjav.

He is happy with his bike

Yakes was riding in Morocco on a motorcycle he would also be responsible for Dakar in South America. He said that, although not the latest model, it has been classic, it is the best available device.

"I have decided for a model that I know well. This is the final version. Today, it's a latest bike, but it's not so perfect, and we can not get enough of it for the older ones. I have a good hanging and a good engine that I know. Bicycle does not have a surprise for me, and I'm very happy, " he said. The engine starts on the Thursday tour. Lima Lima is the destination.

In 2019, there are only ten degrees in Dakar. It would be great for Slovak competitors to have more. "It's not right for me. I need to have at least twenty levels, because I always have to break in to the first, I need to get to the distance. Then it comes to me. A & # 39; decision is always right and then I'm sorry to finish it when I start to enjoy it. I'd like to have more levels, but I can not do it, " Jakeš said.

No risk is paid

At the beginning of the disaster races, it will only cover the highest expectations. "All athletes should have high goals. I always have it. In the end I was successful in stages, I finished in the fourth place. I do not See why he could not be better now. No risk is paid, especially I need to go to the target. I'll do everything to get to the best place, " he said.

He lost the other year of Desert Classics as he wanted to be involved in the World Cup. "I was able to go to the end of the season for generally-known reasons in Slovakia. We thought we had a budget for this, but unfortunately, it was only done so far. I closed at least one race at the end of the season because I needed training for Dakar. This is a priority for me, " Jakeš finished.

The Dakar Rally will take forty races between 6 and 17 January 2019 in Peru. It will be the first time to keep history in one country. Starting and ending in Lima, the capital of the United States of America.

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