Photospies showed Renault Talisman


Photospies showed Renault TalismanThe French prepare a rest car.

The last time a Renault Talisman was updated a year ago, when the model was fitted with a new 225 hp petrol engine, which reports the report on

Now, through the “picture drawings” efforts, it was clear that the French were preparing a redecoration.

The updated Renault Talisman update has not yet been identified. When the experiment was carried out, the car was cleared out in front and behind. Potential barriers and car grid changes.

Rear lights can also be transformed. Camouflage was available in the Renault Talisman hut. That is, the inside of the device can be changed, but it is not necessary.

It can be expected that Renault Talisman, who is replacing it, will display it on the motor show in Frankfurt autumn.

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However, some journalists believe the car will first appear at Geneva Autobiennale in spring 2020.

Photospies showed Renault Talisman
Photospies showed Renault Talisman

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