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Sunday, 11/18/2018, 13:00 (GMT + 7)

90% of the people who were present finally opened in rooms in Midtown, where many customers bought their customers; project for two years.

His first phase of the Phu My Hung Midtown festival, hosted by the repositor's representative, Phu My Hung Co., Ltd, was held on the morning of November 18. South Westerly

At 6:30 am, customers were full of the hall of the event. Many users commented that in addition to The Peak the last folding jobs, which are stored in both directions such as landscape, resources, what makes them very happy to & # 39; choose the private customer's head target So, they will be active to come early to support the owner.

In addition, 600 users attended the event, agreed by the owner from over 2,000 tender letters from the beginning of October. Not only does it have to meet the & # 39; financial capability, the charts are scattered from the target. buy to stay. According to the investor, almost 90% of the 600 buyers buy.

"We are reviewing a group of customers who need to buy houses to establish a civil society that is similar to culture and way of life to a project that has the location and design The best in the fold., the level of lighting for the house when it is implemented is also a cause to increase the value of an estate for residents, "said Phu My Hung's representative.

As the demand is bigger than the sale, the "big man" in Saigon South uses a public lottery form to buy a room. Each family has only one ticket, and everyone who wins has only one product.

Due to this detailed process, many customers, even have the opportunity to attend a & # 39; price and financial capability, yet they can not have the furniture at their favorite project. Openings from there were also emotional. Each single page is attentive to the happiness of the fortunate hospitality, which requires them to behave; Feeling proud and proud of the choice.

Dependent from the predecessor, many of the users, if they are planning to own the unit, are located near Cherry Blossom Park Sakura, which is regularly joining the Midtown main feature. Throughout the first publication of The Peak, Phu My Hung is especially to highlight these unfortunate users. According to statistics, this user group had 1/3 at the event on the 18/11 morning, equivalent to more than 200 users.

For example, Huynh Duyen is a proprietor of many rooms in Phu My Hung, such as Sky Garden, Happy Valley, The Panorama … Attending Phu My Hung Midtown's big sale, she wants to & # 39 ; buy children. My own room in this joint project of Phu My Hung, but it's not fortunate. Ms. Huynh Duyen, I hope that this time will choose the room, the beautiful look for children.

"I appreciate the design of a vision of the complex projects that are high, especially with their cherry flower park nearby, I believe that my life experience is not my a child at the center in Midtown. Less than abroad, the share of "Huynh Duyen.

In particular, Kim Thoa who was present at Phu My Hung Midtown opened four times in the hope of a new home next to Sakura Park Cherry Blossom. But, every time, she came out empty because the vote was lucky enough. Finally, the second visit of the announcement called the name of his family.

"My goal is to attend many times, but due to Phu My Hung's staff for the idea of ​​many times to buy the project, I tried to try my fortune last time ., our family has been chosen to buy a room in the M8B building, "Kim Thoa was a" enjoyment.

After more than an hour, 96% of the real room met the owner. Unhappy customers still have the opportunity to sell "The Peak" that will be held in December.

The Big – the most expensive Phu My Hung Midtown project

Is it
The last section and the largest area in the Phu My Hung area
There are many special features at the top, which attract residents to solve. Situated on the forehead
Tan Phu – the main road to connecting southern, central and commercial areas
International Finance, the project has been built on the ground with over 27,725m2 including
There are two buildings named M8A and M8B.

The project is designed by the tallest elevations in the area – which symbolizes the image of a brimstone along the river, before the water enters the river below. Based on this concept, waterfall is a flows from the top of the waterfall to the rivers in The Peak buildings, through blocks set out below. There are no jobs in dry fractions that will; bend beside the river and laid down to the river.

At the heart of the project, the landscape architects scared a waterfall up to 10 meters, a central spring. From here, the stream continues to & # 39; flows across the lochs and over 100 species of planting in a variety of large parks – became a leading indicator in the project.

Modern amenities such as swimming pool, shopping center, athletics, children's playground … are organized so as to avoid breaking natural water architecture. whole project.

Along with the main role of the project, the green spaces inside of architects can help to improve the vision and design of each flat. There is a beautiful view, ventilation and light in the important place in each house, such as a living room, a bedroom. For areas that do not need fantastic views such as toilets, logos, kitchens or corridors, the photographers also create ventilation.

In addition, in order to take the Zen into Japanese culture into the project, architects have made use of different elements that are apparent or have an impact on the design. This helps to & # 39; connecting outbuilding and joining together, while at the same time the laird feels that space is not restricted by everything combined.

The design and landscape experts have taken a great deal of attention to the Midtown project for almost three years to implement the project and are now in the final phase.

"We are very happy with what we are doing in bringing the Phu My Hung project to a new, new level," said Tan Gek Meng, chief architect Phu My . Find a place

Phu My Hung won precise customers of The Peak's rooms

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