Phu Quang: & I do not have a & # 39; sing my music as well as Phuong Phuong & # 39;


The musician & # 39; simple & saying, despite & # 39; bright and beautiful hair and music, he will not be invited to the upcoming concert.

As usual, during the late autumn – early in the winter, Phu Quang music held its own music nights. This year he wants the listeners to return his memory to his love and his / her; nostalgia in the two nights In the memory field on 26-27 December at Hanoi Opera House. In a lively, Phu Quang invited musicians such as Thanh Lam, Tan Minh, Tran Manh Tuan, Le Anh Dung, Minh Chuyen, Minh Thu, the daughter of Trinh Huong and his mutual friend Bui Cong Duy. He invited him two new factories – singer Phuong, Duchess of Tuan to accompany him; program. This is the first time that two voices have been shown on display.

Phu Quang Writer at liveshow news conference In the afternoon range 20/11.

Phu Quang Writer at his liveshow news conference & # 39; In memories on the afternoon of 20/11.

Before being questioned, Thu Phuong is another option for Ngoc Anh after the accident 3A member of the group who asked for a 10,000,000 variation, the Phu Quang musician refused. He said that the misunderstanding between himself and Ngoc Anh was settled but the singer had been singing in the United States and Canada at the time of the show so that he did not know; she can not play back. With Thu Phuong, she would record for Phú Quang and praised her for singing.

Two years ago, Tu Phuong had to settle the note when he sang Winter memory in the program Be very proud and protesting Phu Quang. At that time, Thu Phuong responded enthusiastically and so I was encouraged to play and play. sing wrong. So I'm very happy when Tu Phuong accepts the words in the # 39; upcoming concert. If she's healthy, I'll also include, without asking. I made Paul's assessment of her; Sing music, soft and emotional. However, I was very tight, like mommy's mom, they would not like to reflect on my notes. My music is just to sing the best thing, "the musician shares.

Dam Vinh Hung, My Tam also, has two songs of Phu Quang but this time he did not invite. Defining the purpose, he said: "I do not sing my music as well as Phuong, Dam Vinh Hung does not sing my music of Tan Minh.I is the principle I sing, the singers who play music In addition Dam Vinh Hung won 160 million, and Tan Minh Cat Minh's only 40 million. He played the best. For me, the Tan Minh name gave a sale of ticket sales. Than Dam Vinh Hung and the name Phuong, Thanh Lam are also safer than My Tam. "

He said, just when the listeners were listening to the & # 39; music, stop the show.

He said, just when the listeners were listening to the & # 39; music, stop the show.

Although every two years, Phu Quang's programs are constantly on fire. A lot of truth, the business, the giants' support, and the # 39; buy tickets for support. Previous information, musicians Something simple "They liked it, they bought it, they did not like how I got them," said he, "and someone else is buying 30 tickets, which proves that I love my music. Beethoven, Mozart died a hundred hundred years ago that the listeners are still like their music. The year I performed two shows, 3-4 Once in the show, tell me they are showing me but I'm just when the audience laments listening to my music.

Phu Quang playing for Minh Chuyen a & # 39; sing

Phu Quang musician for Minh Chuyen to sing & Autumn & # 39;

Phu Quang said he was planning to make a presentation first Memories of Kham Thien (American bombing of Kham Thien in 1972) as many of his friends had died in the crash. However, the large voltage program of 6 billion VNDs with 180 artists involved, including singers, orchestras, choirs … Although donors have moved, number 1 VND was not enough to play the show. Eventually, he organized a plan to hold a regular music night every year.

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