Phu Quang is known as "poor musicians should not have the money to make a big show"


Phu Quang was born and raised in Hanoi. Although his time was to go to Saigon to go down, he decided to return home, smelling passionate flowers, tree frames in the streets, and the warmth of his first love.

In recent years, during the late autumn – early winter, capitalists have the chance to hear songs about Hanoi in their lives. And this year there is "In terms of souvenirs", which will take place on 26-27 December.

Phu Quang has been shared, he has been singing, a & # 39; Performing in many parts of the world, but there is no place to feel happy in Saigon and Hanoi. With its mainland, the atmosphere is more specific. That's why he wants to ensure the great things for Hanoi.

And you're going to do it
Phu Quang's writer in his news conference Enter live "In the memory domain" /

"I was a dream about a great 60-choir concert, 60 orchestra and even singers, but I'm a poor musician, so I do not have enough money to do a great concert. Viewers of Thanksgiving "- Humor Phu Quang.

With this exhibition, Phu Quang named "In memory memory". There are very few people who have a & n; The first song written by the musician about Hanoi is referred to as "In terms of memories". The song has a dream, which remembers its general life. CarsI want the listeners to have love, love and persecution to go to; bringing back music. Phu Quang returned to remembrance of her love and nostalgia.

His famous songs heard Hanoi as "Hanoi Street Fighter" or "Hanoi Silent Night" in the cold days of Hanoi.

In a lively, Phu Quang invited musicians such as Thanh Lam, Tan Minh, Tran Manh Tuan, Le Anh Dung, Minh Chuyen, Minh Thu, the daughter of Trinh Huong and his mutual friend Bui Cong Duy. He invited him two new factories – singer Phuong, Duchess of Tuan to accompany him; program. This is the first time that two voices have been shown on display.

Clip: Minh Caught "Autumn"


Thu Phuong gives a completely new feeling to tell a story about a woman who lives in love, full of desire and concern … for old songs that have been a great success as "Sea, remember me and you "," remember about the winter "," Hanoi quiet night ".

"Thu Phuong sang my songs well, but because I was so hard, working hard as my stepmother, there was one time, I was up to you Phuong briefly about her performance. Thu Phuong is a bit angry, so I think, when she invited her to participate in the show this time, if she does not sing, she will, but fortunately she is very happy and enthusiastic partnership ".

Speaking on Thanh Lam, Phu Quang thought he was the best singer in Vietnam but also was a time when he stopped doing nothing; connect to Diva. When the media queried, Phu Quang said "Thanh Lam's fear was too much energy and when the singer does not forget the words he will invite."

Indeed, in the last few years, when Thanh Lam was better, by singing with knowledge and cultivation, the poet Phu Quang writer invited her to come back and listen to her in Hanoi.

And you're going to do it

In the next scene, Thanh Lam sang "Da Ha Noi Street", "In Memory Memory", and "Autumn". In addition, the combination of Thanh Lam and Tu Phuong in the Phu Quang work also promotes a lot more interesting and interesting.

Although every two years, Phu Quang's programs are constantly on fire. A lot of truth, the business, the "support" giants, buy tickets for support.

Phu Quang simply said: "He likes it, they bought it, they are not fond of how I can buy them, someone is buying 30 tickets, which prove that I like My music. My music will stop me. "

Liveshow "In the range of memories" Phu Quang works at Hanoi Opera House on 26-27 / 12 /.

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