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Around 10:30 on 18/11, a tornado was swept through the national perspective area, Ganh Da Dis (Ninh Dong society, Tuy An area). 23 people were injured. Housing for tourism, many houses and the property of those who are spoiled. At 11 o'clock a day, another tornado hit in Hoa Tam commune, Dong Hoa area collapsed house and over 100 other house roofs … The injured man was saved, local authorities, armed forces & 39; help people to cleanse and secure their shelter.

People of Scotland Committee Pham Dai Duong visits visitors wounded by seagulls – Photograph: PV

Nguyen Nhat Quan, Dhanh Diary Gateway Officer (Phu Yen Historical History Recovery Board) said: "It was silent for a morning. The bicycle at about 10:30 p.m. lasting only two minutes , but caused serious damage.

And Mr Do Van Tien, guardian of this deserted view, mentions: When tornadoes appear in a & # 39; water column, more than 30 tourists have water shelter, drink water. Winter suddenly, I shouted for people to get out of the restaurant and lay down to the ground to protect life. I did the same thing. Her sun was passed, her & her; store all the store, shout the wound. We immediately advised the media to help wounded people.

Tran Doan Xuan, chief executive board of Phu Yen, said 19 tourists were injured, with 15 of them rubbish, 4 were seriously injured, and all went to the Tuy An district hospital. Vice President of the Parochial Human Committee, Pham Dai Duong, head of Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism, Tuy visited the area and offered two gifts, every 500,000. After that, all the tourists in Tuy Hoa City were safely and went on board Ho Chi Minh City on their journey. the table.

Ninh Dong Nguyen Committee Chairman Kim Thanh said: Only for 19 injured tourists in Da Dia, the rider left 4 tourists in the town of Phu Hanh who was injured, and # 39; including one of those who were still seriously injured in the Emergency of Tuy District Hospital. In general, a tornado has shaved ten tents of 6 families near Ganh Da Dia, three houses fell, a 44-house speed top.

Ninh Dong's army forces and district authorities help Pham Thi Lan (town of Phu Hanh) to demolish a house – Photograph: TRAN QUO

Thai Phu Yen's Phu Yen Electric Company, Thai Minh Chau: Disrupted the heavy rainfall of lightning on November 18 damaged its grid in some areas; in coastal areas. In particular, Tuy was hit by the Electricity with three electric power posts, two poles of broken power; over 1km of medium voltage and destructive power lines, three power sub-centers for the Phu Hanh township, An Ninh Dong. This is a power supply line for some households that serve a food and drink service and a board of Disc Ganh Da. As soon as the tornado is a & # 39; passing, Tuy an Electric Power has encouraged a force to overcome the event, removing the transformation stations for its process; The replacement of power poles has fallen and damaged lines for renewable energy supply. By the end of 19/11, Tuy the Electrician will return solar power to this area.

* In the Hiep (Tuy area) society, flooding of fenced walls caused flooding of floods and 30 people were in the water irrigation. Mr Tran Van Sang from Phu My 2 stones (An Nghiep commune) said that places recently built by the Sui Cai stones, the new burial ground is lower than the old embankment of 0.5m. no time, a stream overflow just flows people who; community. Only during this year's clean season, this stone has dropped 5 times, this time has sunk, houses fall near 1m.

Water was overcoming the landlord just into the house and then to the medical station The Hiep dropped a 20m fence. Health Minister in the Hieph Pham Thi Luan said: "Discharge water for medical stations is higher than 0.5 m, all medical devices, computers and fridges need to move up. From the fence of the medical station, the The new water to the wall collapsed and then poured over the Hiep market that flows down the bridge, before the water was about four sides.

According to the population of Tuy The area, on November 17 and 18, there is heavy rain in the area, many areas of residential areas were flooded. In the An Dinh society, some rural roads are sunk. At the afternoon of 18/11, the route to the An Ciep society, contains many sections of flood water on the Anhun road. Tuy An area Bui Van Thanh, Chairman of the People's Committee, said: If the water is still large, many areas of the area are flooded. Tuy's People's People's Committee has directed the provision of rescue and rescue forces and local authorities, if heavy rainfall is reversed by people in lowland areas to safe places.

Deputy Chairman of the People's People's Committee Tran Huu He said: We have managed local authorities to make rescue from the immediate place after the accident. Vandalism and losses are still counted. The local community will seek flood committees and storms and units to take steps to prevent floods and storms, especially in the coming days.

* Another tornado hit at 11am on November 18 in Hoa Tam commune, Dong Hoa area, one house collapsed and over 100 houses.

The people here said that this winter was unsuccessful but only 10 minutes, it left badly. The scene here is just a storm going through. The pages are covered all over the ground, the road on the road, in the garden, the class is bounced on the wire. Strong winding of the shrubbing of the Pouoc Tan town gate is poured with a fortified concrete. The tornado also causes voltage wires and telephone cables to break and repair quickly.

Mr Nguyen Van Tien's house is in the town of Phuoc Tan (Hoa Tam commune, Dong Hoa area) which shows great winds. The top of its roof is faster than 5-6 meters. At the winter, his new wife Tien should be transported around the neighborhood shelter. Mr Tien said: "Everything has been pulled away. Destruction of homeowners. I do not know what I do, just tell the authorities about the damage, but life is still in a short time. Nguyen Uasal Thi Mong Thao in the village of Phuoc Tan, Hoa Tam commune also fell in the same situation. The roof of the wind closed to the indoor house, & # 39; television drop. Everything in the house is damaged.

Culcins run suddenly and do not. Most houses are closed so badly. Mr Dinh Van Hoang's house in the village of Pouoc Tan, over 120m2 iron roof At the same time, Mr Luu Van Vinh's house was located in Long Square, Hoa Tam commune that fell completely, while his wife was away only for his two daughters at home. Fortunately, two children were hiding under the bed when the girl went home.

Vice President of the Dong Hoa District People's Committee, Le Tan Thao, said: Seasons were held in three towns: Long Pouoc, Phuoc Tan and Phuoc Loc from Hoa Tam commune. Fortunately, no harm to humans. Initial statistics, tornado have fallen completely into a house, with more than 100 homes on accelerated speed. The 22KV broadcasting line was screened at 4 locations in Hoa Tam, Hoa Hiep Trung and Hoa Xuan Dong.

Local authorities have moved to local militia to coordinate with the Guard Guard na Hoa Hiep Nam to help people to influence the effects. Phu Yen Power has been promoting twelve technicians and a machine to grid.

Ganh Da tourism ranges after tornado – Photograph: PV

* Due to bad weather, there has been 1 case of electronic strikes in the department. Ngo Thanh Dong (aged 23, is resident of My Hoa, Hoa Thinh district, Tay Hoa area) is a victim. Local authorities and unions have supported families to organize a funeral order for victims.

* On the afternoon of November 18, Nguyen Thanh Tri Transportation Department Director said: Due to the effects of tropical dementia, heavy waters in the province cause flooding and hedgehog in many road sections and cause traffic.

On the Cay Sung bridge (DT 642), Cay Cam Bridge (DT650), Ba Dau flood (DT647) under water under water, can not pass the ways. On the main national road 1, through the village of Phu Tan, Cu Cuan, the Tuy area is the level of its flood, can not water up to water, flows across the road but the cars are capable. There are two types of landslide in the Pass Pass Pass (in the Hoa Xuan Nam commune area, Dong Hoa area), and its stone falling into the spectacular ranges but also does not cause traffic collisions. The railway is south-east of its floods in the Khanh Hoa division and so some trains are involved here. In terms of Tuy Hoa-Hanoi air travel on Vietnam's day-to-day travel, other tickets are still valid.

Due to the effects of tropical dementia caused by tephoon No. 8, Phu Yen areas are at level 6, level 7, sea level and high waves of 2-4m. Due to the north-western edge of the tropical tropical tropical, the Phu Yen area has moderate heavy waters. Looking today (19/11), there is a lot of water in the & # 39; Most still get heavy water, flood threats to small floods on small rivers, floods in lowlands and landslides. in the mountains. On the Down River at Mhan Hoa Station, 12.5m (second warning 0.5m), other rivers below alarm level I. Against Area Disaster Case – Rescue and Rescue Committee requests. agencies, units, areas and people respond to floods actively.

Management Committee for the Prevention of Disaster – Finding and rescue areas


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