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0-0 in Myanmar, Vietnam fans do not like you, but if you're in a position, Looking good, the attraction looks very positive. Remember that the aim of the Vietnamese team is to be in the final and win the competition. So the faster you see your weakness, the greatest time to overcome it.

There is a lot of regretting positioning the score in the 77 minutes not known by the Thai referee. They also made a disappointment for the referee referee to; The Khamis Al-Marri game makes it difficult for the parent teacher of Park Hang Seo. The price of Van Duc, Cong Phuong or Quang Hai to succeed, maybe that Vietnam's team will be successful. influenced in Myanmar.

However, football is "yes" and the game continues. In other words, coach Hang Seo coach needs to look back, for improvement, as the Vietnam team of Myanmar is not just a 2018 AFF Cup gold cup.

In general, the picture of a Vietnam team is not a complaint. Followers and professionals see a situation. The team has no more property than home, but Vietnam's team is still higher than the number of times at Myanmar. The European coach philosophy built for the Vietnam national team.

However, in the game with Myanmar, the ability to benefit from Vietnam's victorious team has reduced. Quang Hai, Van Duc and Van Toan have not been fortunate enough, but Park Hang Seo needs to remind many of his students about their ability to take advantage of the next game. red shirt.

Remember that the team under Park Hang coach is not strong in terms of impact on its & # 39; game. So, every opportunity needs to be used in detail, before challenging the defense script – Vietnam's football campaigns can help to succeed in 2018.

Personally, we see the two players of the Vietnam team against Vietnamese captain Van Quyet and Xuan Truong. No one has doubts Van's knowledge of knowledge. Indeed, Vietnam's number 10 of Vietnam's team is well-formed in Hanoi last season with 0.4 each game.

Coach Park This was the referee as the skipper for a good reason, but by the national team, the player has not tried to prove the European coach. Every time the Van Balls base ball arrives, the speed of using the team in Vietnam is always challenging several games, as the decision is always tough, before making a decision.

There is no doubt that this is something that Hang's coach is. This does not want, because what is needed in the # 39; This player allows the team to co-ordinate the highest level, before accelerating the penalty area, causing a weight on the frame. into the enemy.

When Park Hang Seo raised the decision, the man who was in a position, Van Duc, showed a clear difference with the opportunities created. Unfortunately, the players did not succeed with their steps. The Vietnamese team is Van Quyet's experience, but Van Quyet is likely to come out of his / her team; bench in the next games, to make a point.

In the middle of the way, Xuan Truong has a game under the average. Knowing that the center of Myanmar is a n; A very uncomfortable, but not Thuhunna field, Hook Anh Gia Lai midfielder shows its ability to "share cards" with creative passports. Park Hang Seo is the decision to leave Xuan Truong and Quang Hai in the & # 39; Understand a fairly simple circle, but this may be a very dangerous option, because the Vietnamese team face is stronger than Myanmar.

The 0-0 draw against Myanmar was greatly regretted, but in particular it was not a failure, or it was a great need. Regarding professionalism, Park Hang This coach makes the adjustments appropriate based on the depth of his team. In psyche, the bluster on the Thuwunna Stadium reminded the players that they still need a lot of effort to achieve the most important goal of football in Vietnam in 2018.

All games do not have to win in the level of the group, and then drop in the & # 39; final as the 201 AFF Cup. Which is a teacher of this Hang Park, played or according to each game, the same way in which coach teachers Calisto has been finalized for this 10-year competition back.


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