Phubes Leubpha Phubes are at risk of stealing a visit to Van


The game with Myanmar is just about a few hours, Phubes Lekpha's referee became famous, and the decision is the contribution to the home team.

Internet users have found the ruler's identity

One point ahead of Myanmar is not a bad result, just one drawback in the last trip to Cambodia – the teacher of Park Hang Seo & # 39; passing the agency. In fact, it would be good if Vietnam Phone was successful, especially when we got involved but we were not known.

In particular, the player was inserted into the field to replace people – The member was not in-net in the situation NOT NOT. But with the joy of the bills outside the park, the referee emphasized the victims of Vietnam's Telephone, Help me to help Myanmar to & # 39; get a right spot at home.

And almost immediately after its game, users have found the remains of this "accident". In particular, referee, Phubes Lekpha, Thai, live and work in Bangkok. A large group of Vietnamese fans are disturbing their personal Facebook page and "leaving a mark".

The Leubha Phubes was a conciliator; threatened not to have a Van To visit image

The Phubes Lekpha (blue shirt) charge was explored and released

In particular, although not every mode of opinion can be given, the image on the referee's Facebook page is "angry" in large numbers. In fact, there's a & # 39; Vietnam's impact, as the conqueror of Lekpha had also made a wrong decision.

Despite this, his accountable account has been hit after water, especially due to a sparrow (a worrying post on Myanmar). At the same time, the "headteacher" still post pictures calmly after his / her; game, although now referee Phubes Lekpha is the "enemy" of Vietnamese football fans. had a legitimate destination, lost 2 failures of 11m
Van Toan was not outside when he put the ball on his empty barrel, but the referee did not recognize the helper's flag.


Nguyet Anh – TTVN

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