Phuong Oanh – change the screen's star after night


After playing in & # 39; Quynh Doll, tha a & # 39; actress who sings as one of the best actors.

The movie What to do because the big Vietnam TV storm hit the end in 2018. The audience's old opinion broke down the smile on the screen. "Storm" he also performed actors such as Phuong Oanh, Thu Quynh, Thanh Huong or Doan Quoc Dam. In addition to the other three, Phuong Oanh is the only one who has not trained in acting. Accepting the & # 39; His main role, she appeared in every picture and had the backbone for her & her; interactive program.

Road to life and road without the rose

It was launched in June, What to do Having a positive impact on the television has a real image of trade in women and prostitution. There is more than just talking about the movie when it has been labeled 18+ and stopped as a result of consistent comments. The female guidance – Phuong Oanh actress – so also drew a good attention. Look beautiful, Phuong Oanh station, many think that she is very rich children; , grow up in silk megabytes. However, that is not the case.

Phuong Oanh was born in 1989 in a family of four brothers brothers in Ha Nam. She admits that she has been a good family and was built by her older brothers, but changed everything when the events hit her in the ninth level. Her parents were in debt. and he met many economic problems. Knowing, Phuong Oan rather than going to school as peers. She did not have to save her own care long, & # 39; as he tried to & # 39; passing the college, to go to; The city earn money to support her parents. Three days later from Ha Nam to the National University of Hanoi, she began to find work. There was a time when Phuong Oanh needed to protect the bowl, he asked a billiard baller to cover the school but then he had to give it because of the # 39; The male guests are worried about them.

Phuong Oanh as a model.

After recording paperwork, Phuong Oanh was contacted with the model companies and his / her; invites a continuous invitation. At the beginning of a model, she took 3-4 performances every day with a few hundred thousand dong. The money saved would only help her with her education but could also restore her parents to pay their debts until the family revived the economy.

At the time of planning, Phuong Oanh participated in a variety of recreational exams at model clubs. She started working as a "screenplay" job, not doing so much, The director wanted "just actors like to be good". At that time, Phuong Oanh just thought to play for sport but he does not expect to continue his / her; this course. With the third film, it was promoted as a lead role Flying FlowersPost-screening and acting as a very good actor for her first time, she is learning her abilities and her. discovering her new post is really tough. Later on, Phuong Oanh was invited to the films Old lady news, The Think about

Phuong Oanh in the film Silence in the Deep.

Phuong Oanh stopped forever to go to Singapore to investigate the backhouse, to be a wife. She refused to make any movie invitations for her plan. But then, she got inspirational plans and defamation for marriage. She returned to work as a way of keeping herself busy, to forget her wound. She made her personal life to feel better and totally. worried when he returned with his main character Silence in the deepThis post has been very popular with the audience and has been nominated for the Golden Kite Award for the best actress.

No, do it, do it, do it to end & # 39;

There was a time when many people questioned Ong Phuong Oanh to get his / her; main role ever. After Silence in the deep, she continued to appear Dewar indirectlyPost Office She accepts the post What to do This makes those people more consistent. Her actress also said she had heard a "couple" truth with the director for her job. However, all estates were destroyed as her films appeared, in particular What to doSouth Westerly

The artist, Mai Hong Phong, said that Phuong Oanh was seldom that he and the artist agreed Do Thanh Hai – director of VFC – game to choose the movie. What to doPost-addition In addition to its appearance, its elements have to take heavy work, play the backbone of the film even if they are not properly trained. Phuong Oanh's humorous scenes help their actors to interact with each other, as well as to be able to; making emotional drawings.

Do not want to be labelled "movable flower vase" or "animated film", Phuong Oanh always read the script, and # 39; Investing in detail for each post, whether the main play or sub-part is. Her agreement was to investigate artistic artwork for months only to & # 39; Attending a number of tens seconds when she played the support post Imagine the moment Everyone influenced the artist of Hong Kong Phong. That is one of the reasons why the leader has chosen his very difficult decision Phuong Oanh. On the set, the artist Hong Mai Hong Kong once again revealed tears when he saw the main scenic scenes of brutal or emergency effects. 6 months on the set, the fracture of the body of the Phuong Oanh body is caused by the sguff, when it is not cure, the other has appeared. At one time, she needed to get married illness to continue acting. Too much stress from this work caused psychological emergence and entering into tears. But then she decided to go out likewise.

In front of each picture, Phuong Oanh is constantly analyzing and responding carefully. Regularly review the director to find the best solution. Every move, idea, call … all its tail to become a very psychological character. When he refers to a girl who is always hinders emotions like Quynh, she accepts the notes for a & # 39; characterizes the character of other characters such as My Wolf or Lan Uamh. Even when it was criticized for being in front of the stars, Phuong Oanh did not regret the script correctly. At the end of the film, when the person showed himself, the audience had the opportunity to identify the pole Oanh. They showed tears of their feelings and realized what she is doing for her job. Commenting on how the actors put the movie What to do, the director of Mai Hong Phong confirmed: "Phuong Oanh is the most difficult and worthy of his respect." Thu Quynh – a co-star in the movie – said Phuong Oanh although he was not trained properly but better than many other professional actors.

Extract from the 24 "Quynh doll" program.

Succeed of the place as well as the movie What to do beyond Phuong Oanh's expectations. When she got the script, she thought it was interesting because he was in a position; reveals a new topic that he could not see on the screen and that she would play well. When she was thrown for her work, she did not know she would be one of the most prestigious figures this year, with an incredible cover on the media and invited enough to show her run.

Phuong Oanh at an early event in November 2018.

Phuong Oanh agreed to the idea that she would change her life after one night What to doThe Vice-Identity is aware of the impact of the movie and its; Opening me to expect many opportunities but Phuong Oanh says that this success comes from many reasons, Involving blood and tears for six months of film and quality. She joined her for a job for six years. She does not see much change in life because he is in any situation the spirit will remain "he did not do so, he did so".


Oanh is named for a star of the Star Star 2018. Star for Phuong Oanh and another face hereSouth Westerly

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