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Professor Paik Nam-jong and Professor Kim Won-thisk from Bundang Seoul National Hospital at Seoul University National Hospital have announced that they can monitor physical activity and stroke patient energy closely. portable portable traffic is used.

A stroke is a disease that causes brain tissue to block or tear the blood pressure of the brain and destroys the brain cells. After the intensive treatment rate has been taken quickly to the hospital, major rehabilitation should be treated to overcome the works such as catastrophe rehabilitation and top-level rehabilitation. the immediate introduction of hospitals to reduce their adverse effects and daily lives. In stroke rehabilitation, it is important to track individual differences in rehabilitation and out-of-hours activities, and to develop personal rehabilitation strategies based on this information. T

However, to measure the amount of activity, additional staff need to be checked for and monitored or a carer or diary must write down a diary which is difficult. enforced in practice and limited knowledge.
So Prof Baek Nam-Jong's research team was able to investigate whether physical activity should be properly investigated by wearing a dressing machine for a stroke stroke in hospital and recovery t . The researchers, who were brought into the rehabilitation department at Seoul University National Hospital at Bundang in 2015, had 24 stroke patients who were reclaimed and were given permission to move portable devices at that time. Throwing two burgers and ankles for three days (72 hours). Also during the days and hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, the researcher reviewed the patients' activities every 30 minutes. As a result of the survey, the average time for us to transport a fast-moving accelerator was 21 hours a day, and it was shown that patients could be genuinely spent for a long time. Compared with the energy consumption measured by a portable fast-moving device and the logging that the researcher recorded just the time, time, type and timing of the exercise, the body arrived t Minutes 0.89, confirming the capacity of portable shifting. In the reliability survey to find regular results, more than 0.95 in the relationship between a class level between the use of a portable vibrating machine and demonstrated that there was a high trust in favor of measurement.

It has therefore been demonstrated through the use of portable, portable measurements that patients can be effectively explored for physical activity in stroke patients under active and comprehensive hospital rehabilitation, with high reliability and reliability. . Professor Kim Won-seok, said, "With recent developments with a range of knitting machines, it is possible to investigate the extent of engagement with patients in rehabilitation treatment and information on energy consumption not being completed at the moment. He said: "No money and it's money to invest in people."

Achieving a mobile device is increasing day by day, so the length of time is likely to be premature if the wearer is more suitable and is more accurate.

Professor Paik Nam-jong said, “brain diseases that require long lifespan, such as stroke, are suddenly attacked, important for continued monitoring and release. "I think it will be possible for medical staff to provide important information about carrying out the procedure after transmission." Professor Baek said he intended a follow-up inspection. to see if it is possible to apply it to patients with different levels of hardship in the future.

The research findings were published in December 2018 in the international journal PLOS One.

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