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Winter is cold. At an average of two to four times a year, children are very cold, even even ten times a year. The cold is one of the most common diseases in Switzerland. Reena explains why we get cold and what we can do about it.

The purpose of a small virus is a virus that enters our body through the respiratory. They multiply in a nose, neck and lungs. Who is running, & # 39; causing his viruses to spread several meters through the air and the disease like others. Even if we & # 39; shaking our man's hand, cold can spread.

However, we are not at the mercy of a cold. Our immune system, a defensive defensive system, creates antibodies as long as possible; There are not many at the same time. If done, we get sick and get the usual symptoms: sad, bitter, bitter and a nose runny. If there are also serious problems, high fever, body and cough's face, maybe it's flu. This can be up to 14 days and sometimes even dangerous.

When you catch a cold, it will help rest, so that the system can protect its protection. virus. There is plenty of hot tea or water that helps protect the system. Lozenges also release their cough and bitter throat

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NMG 1.2 c, A connection will open in a new window: Identify ways of maintaining good health and wellbeing (such as exercise, sleeping, nutrition, body care, relationships).

NMG 1.2 e, A connection will open in a new window: … know and can prevent healthcare prevention measures (such as hygiene, personal care, nutrition, exercise).

School materials were made easy!

School materials were made easy!

How is electricity getting water? Why is sleeping important and what about children's rights? Answers to "clip and clear!" – also on YouTube, A connection will open in a new window, The

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