Picasso's stolen painting appears in Romania six years later


The Sunday patients said that the Teet Darlucan Picasso (stolen from the Arcelino) was stolen in 2012 by the Rotterdam Museum Constellation in Romania.

In one of the world's most prestigious artistic layers, thieves have come out with seven pictures of the value of millions of dollars, including paintings by Picasso, Matisse, Monet and others.

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A Roman man and the robbers were convicted in the robber in 2013 but one of the pictures was not found and experts in Romania believed that at least three were burned in an attempt to hunting evidence.

"The victims of organized crime investigate the location of the 800,000-euro ($ 91,344) painting have been signed by Picasso on Saturday afternoon in the Tulacea department," they said in a statement , saying that the picture was explored.

The Dutch citizens arrived at the Dutch embassy in Bucharest with the photograph, saying they found it in the south eastern part of Rome.

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