Pieces that were thrown through a conflict against immigration in Edmonton


A fist fight began in a protest against immigration in central Edmonton on Saturday afternoon, before the police moved into to divide campaigners and opponents.

There were only a few police officers at Churchill Square at the time of the change, but came after the first portrayal of the land. About 20 line officers created to divide the pro and anti-immigration groups, involving around 150 people as a whole.

Watch: The opposition to immigration in Edmonton is brutally turning

There was a fight at an opposition to immigration in Saturday at Downtown Edmonton. 1:10

The protest marks the second weekend in a series where activists set out against Canada's plan to approve the United Nations migration agreement. Many have also talked against their controversial carbon tax.

The last weekend was a peaceful protest, compared to Saturday, where some people had a few; ends in wheels.

Members of the pro and anti-immigrant groups dressed on yellow work on Saturday, as exhibitors in France; Participating in ongoing objections to the cost of living in that country.

"Trudeau does not support Canadian now," said Taylor Mansfield exhibitor. "It supports immigrants too much."

Counter protestor Adebayo Katiiti completely agrees with the protest against immigration.

"They do not know our stories. They're like Oh, come back where you're coming." This is a white benefit, "said Katiiti, who is from Originated Uganda.

"Productivity is dangerous, and they represent."

Similar campaigns were held on Saturday in Calgary, Red Deer and Dun MacRury.

A line of police officers has a & n; division of pro and anti-immigration activists. (CBC)

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