Piera will visit La Araucana, a & # 39; meet with staff who were attacked and accepted; local band


At 9:48 yesterday, the airplane airplane introduced the Freire airport. Then, the producer Sebastin Piera, alongside internal ministers, Andrs Chadwick traveled; and Social Development, Alfredo Moreno; as well as the criminal lawyer Luis Hermosilla. At the same time, former vice president Luis Mayol and current regional headquarters, Jorge Atton, were expecting. "In fact, thank you for everything," said the Mayol president, once and then; and he got off the plane. "Thank you for the trust," he replied to Tuesday who was a postmaster and his post after the chiefs protested against his statutes after his death after his Mapuche community Camilo Catrillanca .

The reason for the president's trip was particularly motivated by locally motivated violence with its program and its. Cangoms officers were worried after he had destroyed some of them recorded the incident.

"Everything that comes" is a good luck, "the message that Piera gave to Atton.

Helicopter to Angol

The increase in local violence would have to use unrestricted police use to protect the safety of the route

the authorities. There was a healthy capsule and changes of paths that tried to ban and deactivate pockets of campaigners and barricades. The democracy in relation to the actions that reached such a point, according to the Government, only about three people knew the Piera route.

Finally, next to Atton, Moreno and Chadwick, the President moved to the Augusta to Angol helicopter, where they came to land at 10:38. The authorities received Bishop Temuco, Hctor Vargas, who was a consultant with the Mapuche people and who worked on a report on which the National Agreement for La Araucana was based, and moved to Malleco Governorate to meet It was held that the document "Dilogo with the President", edited by the bishop, was inspected.

Vargas values ​​his president's trip. "Piera is trying to see that there is an interest, that the Government is present, that the State is also present, that we are not alone or abandoned, I am Thinking that it is a good indication, and it is positive that the authorities are very good in the field, as he can get to know what will happen, "he said.

Regarding the situation in the area, he said "a matter of trust is crucial, it is true that trust is lost and it is true that institutions are very important to have been unfortunate or to express. " We need to get back back up as soon as possible. killing the country, its society, democracy is strengthened, and that is; mean motions, signs and hard actions, and hope we get them. "

Local communities

In the same place, for 45 minutes, and with the instructions not to record the meeting, the President and his ministers spoke about ten loops and machos, as well as Conadi's director, Jorge Retamal.

According to reports, the directors informed the president the fear of the area due to the violence and threats received by some directors (see secondary notes).

Sebastin Piera told them that there would be security in the area, and that the Araucanian Plan would have a good improvement, they made the "Llelli pun" service.

Another one of the milestones of the visit was a meeting of the authorities with the four teachers – and the Ercilla school assistant at which they were attacked on Wednesday 14, before the operation of the & # 39 ; police that ended with the death of a community member. At 12:29 the president left the government, at that time some people were put into question to the place.

Back in Temuco, the President said: "We want Camilo Catrillanca to die without being bad, and that we have long been able to install fire to the Araucana to allow us to understand and understand the importance of agreeing to solving the problems ", saying" we need the climate of conversation, trust, agreements, to cooperate back, and unfortunately they were banned by Camilo's death. "

In addition, he said that "our government and this President would never be avoided, but that we always face the problems". Throughout the week, from the Government, the Catrillanca family was contacted for a final meeting with local visiting authorities, who are successful at their success. Ultimately because of the duellan that is easy to understand they are passing through.

For this reason, the president said "understand the pain of the Catrillanca family and, at the right time, they know that communication doors and doorways are always open on our side."

With regard to the requests for the "Jungle Command" order, Piera made sure that he recognizes and values ​​his / her work; police uniforms, because "as well as the mistakes that may have been committed by a few Carabiners, who are constantly punished, Customs officers (…) to protect our lives."

"Our government and this President will not be sad, but we always face the problems."
Sebastin Piera
President of the Republic

"It is positive that the authorities are well on the ground, because they are able to know what will happen."
Hctor Vargas
Bishop Temuco

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