Piñera arrives at Araucania under attacks and attacks for the death of Catrillanca | National


Later than a week after the Mapuche company Camilo Catrillanca died and political crisis was released in the administration of Sebastián Piñera for the criminal action of Carabineros, the struggle in this area of ​​the country is far from longer.

There are coasts, roadways, captured streets, wild assaults and taking schools, as part of the case we have received yesterday, the new seaman, Jorge Atton.

The airport reached the airport completely in a quiet and not to be shown to the media waiting for at a & # 39; airport. He took control of the two regional regulators of La Araucanía, and then left a van on the Intendency side.

When he went in, Quickly, Atton Higher explained that he was the first to make the divisional position.

"I thank you for the welcome but I'd like to talk tomorrow, now I'm going to meet Gore, I'm going to meet the All teams, so I let go and talk about that, "he said.

There has been too much violence and that hurt everyone. And then we can not pollute ourselves, commit crime to, and # 39; fighting terrorist within the law frame, but with the strength of the law, the third point is.

– Sebastián Piñera to Jorge Atton

Atton was not alone from Santiago. There were councilors from Palacio de La Moneda, who will work in the installation of his team, and understand that he is going to come; area invasion in crisis.

Hours before they reached Temuco, the freedom was sent a government message at the President with President Sebastián Piñera and Minister of Interior within Andrés Chadwick.

A & A meeting; lasting for an hour and 20 minutes, in which they analyzed the events that happened from the death of Camilo Catrillanca, but also other points, such as the budget and the political work he received from Luis Mayol.

The President at the beginning of the meeting and in front of the television shows thanked him to accept the Intendant situation.

"I thank you so much to accept it. I think it's a wonderful, challenging, but at the same time. For a person born and educated in the area from La Araucanía, it's like returning to your area than it is given to you, "he said.

Then Piñera Echenique explained the three priorities that should be the post of Intendant. Implementation of the Impulso Araucanía Plan, linked to the produce of the area; deepen the cultural heritage of the area, and finally, He asked for a fight in crime and terrorism within the law.

The factor Jorge Atton responded to President's words with a clear message: supporting him from the main government.

"Thank you very much, Chairman. I know the challenge, I have talked to the minister and with you. I know the people of the area and clearly we need to bring back the confidence, get forward and increase communication. Because of this I have already asked all the support to the central government, "the factor asked.

As soon as Sebastián Piñera comes to Temuco at nine in the morning, break it out yesterday.

It was released from the Palace that the Head of State's decision was to travel to the area to take a public mark and make a difference with the government; Previously and their political situation with their summary with La Araucanía.

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