Piñera protects "Better Times" and its & # 39; Abolish the voting bills: "I'm thinking about who's buying the houses"


In front of well-known economists such as Robert Nobel, Robert Engle and Nouriel Roubini, the President gave support to the administrative management of his administration during the "Chile in progress:" Detailed analysis of the way to development ". In terms of criticizing that the improvements are not to be # 39; reaching everyone, the President asked himself what constitutes a strong sale of housing, cars and walks. And, as usual, he took advantage of the influence of the government of Michelle Bachelet and said that he was longer than the world when he died; It grew up in administration and lost the debts and that we could add more. "

"Chile is the progress: an analysis on the way to the development" of the title by President Sebastián Piñera, along with Finance Minister, Felipe Larrane, a & # 39; obtaining eminences from the Palacio de La Moneda economy to show them the best picture of the country

At the event, the Nobel Reverend, Robert Engle was present, along with Nouriel Roubini, Laurence J. Kotlikoff, and Central Bank Adviser, Chile, Rosanna Costa.

Piñera was responsible for the introduction of the "Best Times" and examined the most recent surveys, such as Criteria, which showed that 76% of the population appears to be too – current economic economic appraisals have been on & # 39; meet. This figure adds that unemployment has not risen and salary has fallen, means that the decision for Piñera (40%) is higher than an agreement (37%).

The state leader said "many people say" well and that this growth is very good, but it does not come. "I'm thinking about who purchases the houses, which have allowed our home-based housing sales registers, the cars that allow them to sell a sales tag of our country, which is a & # 39; doing tourism trips within Chile that this year is going to break all our indoor tourism programs and also our outdoors and a & # 39; Buy behavioral goods that are also our sales situation in our country's trading. "

The terms of the situation are based on the words of the Housing and Housing Development Minister, Cristián Monckeberg (RN), who has discovered that the Silent estate lies in the features. "The house, two rooms, in the Silentian tradition," said Monckeberg, spoke of "a country where most of the Slabs or owners" and housing "are our heritage, not not much more ".

Hit the previous government

In a fair way, Piñera gave the opportunity to comment, once again, that the country's economy was Demonstrates strong Michelle Bachelet time. Chile has grown less than the world and has been awarded double debt and we can add much more, "he said.

"We're going to take back the time we lost and put forward the Chinese economy," he said. President, to ensure that this is one of the main administrative tasks.

Piñera also identified the hostages he received in the economic projections for the GDP of Chile this year.

"Our economic agenda can contribute to moving growth. Strengthen freedom of freedom," he said.

Piñera is enthusiastic

"This year, the Chilean economy will grow 4.0%, almost three times larger than last year, more than usual in Latin America, more than normal in the world and we in the first place in OECD countries, "said Piñera.

"We will try to achieve a very important revival for two very important reasons: the collapse of investment but in the last four years, this year will grow by around 6% and The result that fell in the last four Fàs this year is about 1.8%, "he said.

"These are the engines that allow us to be able to build up not only this year and next year, but also over the long term we have the way to become a country of unprotected development, "he said. and ensured that 140,000 new jobs will be created as a term.

Finally, Piñera also challenged another great challenge that the country should prepare for "the special changes" in technology, "to take advantage of that wave to our benefit."

For this, he said, "We need unity and education, we have to come together," he said. And as long as he stressed "there could be a problem about spreading growth," he said that is the reason "the challenge is to reach everyone, "the most vulnerable ones."

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