Piñera: "The left is a paradise, but it will give us hell"


An President Sebastián Piñera He questioned the "way" in the foreground trying to follow, which is sure – "who promises paradise, but gives us hell".

The President took part on Wednesday afternoon at an anniversary dinner Evópoli, where Vamos Sile party was forwarded for 2019.

At the meeting, Piñera said he was "sure In the middle, the road, the way the people on the left to follow, promise paradise, but it gives us hell, as has happened in so many other parts of the world. "

According to President, the left parties "they do not understand human nature; They want to make structural engineering from the State, and because they do not confirm people, they will create a & # 39; This decision is that the State knows best what is good for the people, and that they are the best to explain what is good for the State. "

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Evópoli was created during the first administration of Piñera and is now six years old. (Picture: ATON)

However, convicted him, "that's happening And I know what's good for you, my State, and you will do what I'm telling you & # 39;"

Among those who attended the event, held in the Spanish Circle, was the director of the event; party, Hernán Larraín Matte; Senate Felipe Kast, Minister Gloria Hutt and regarding the Segpres, Gonzalo Blumel.

Larra Matte said "we, It is a project that is in Evópoli; start. We also need to be very willing to think, with a rural awareness of the challenges. "

"We want to be lonely, we want to work with Chile. Let's go and at the same time, we want to be constantly constantly with our principles and our convictions. It is a common project, we are part of Chile Vamos and we want to continue to & # 39; submit to make our country bigger, "he said.

For his part, Kast said that "I think Piñera President is feeling that Evópoli has come to be added to and we are not in Chile. We go into and directly into government with power, we want to dream, and we are Feeling that he is a living party who is passionate and we need to look after him, because this sense of consciousness of our body is based on trust, the dreams , on a general project ".

"So, we acknowledge the recognition that we have received from the President today as a duty to continue to strengthen government, but from our identity," he said.

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