Pipeline supporters such as the Minister of Finance Morneau come to Calgair


There are around 1,000 power and power activists outside the Telus Conference Center on Monday, November 27, 2018, where Bill Morneau's Finance Minister talk to the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.

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As the Gray Cup birds are going on at the Calgary city hall, there is a different type of rally; just removing blocks when pro-pipeline supporters came down at the Telus Conference Center.

Tuesday's rally is a panoramic view of force from the Trans Mountain piping pipe to express the controversy with the project sent to Bill Morneau's Federal Finance Minister.

Morneau was in the village to meet the Calgary Commercial Room in a crash on a touring trip; First Minister Justin Trudeau to Calgary last week, who also launched a pro-pipeline campaign.

Postmedia's reporters and designers have a live coverage of the event:

Thousands of people gathered over the Thursday Hyatt Regency during the Trudeau period in Calgary, which triggered the road closure of the police in the mid- town once one of the biggest public exhibitions ever seen on Calgary streets.

The rally on Tuesday was organized by the Canadian Action piping support agency, who retained another race in the " May to show the support from the project before Ottawa entered to buy the pipe line from Kinder Morgan for $ 4.5 billion.

James Robson with Canada Action said that his / her company Raising the success of the wolf last week and does not expect to stay quiet.

"Every time a minister comes to our chapel or the prime minister to the town we need to go out and talk about our voices," said Robson.

Many exhibitors were going to " Explain C-48 and C-69 Bill, by Robson announcing C-69 one of the "potentially worse" legislative pieces for the oil and gas department.

The federal government began after months of political uncertainty, public decisions between key NDP groups and the NDP disagreement that was executed by MP May May, Canada's Green Party leader.

The project is now in danger after a court has reached an approved agreement law from the Trans Mountain extension.

Ken Buckley is working for a small oil and gas research company and said he was present at the campaigns to showcase how the federal government "broke our business."

"We are trying to send a message that says," hey, we're unhappy, "he said." We do not get any love, we do not a & # 39; get any support … we're sorry. "

Under the Trans Mountain agreement, the Alberta government will put $ 2 billion in order to help cover excess costs as an alternative to possession of pipe holders.

In addition to the $ 4.5 billion price tag to buy the current line, the pipeline also wants to expand $ 7.4 billion to move Alberta oil to B.C. Costa to send to international markets.

Brian Wimmer does not work in oil and gas but said he felt he was required to be present at the rally as a "sign of urgency" and his / her; shows the federal government that "something was happening" needed to start the Trans Mountain project.

"At least the government could give us some information about what's happening," he said.

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