Pipes do not affect the overall quality of life – Uppsala


The decision is to draw researchers, among other things, the University of Uppsala, the University of Linköping and the Karolinska Institute in a study published in the Endochrinology magazine.

"The decrease in sexual degradation ensures that statistics are certain, but as little as most women who use pillars of birth do not make sure they are not aware, "said Dr. Cecilia Lundin, PhD student at the Women's and Women's Health Department, Uppsala University.

The study includes 202 young adult women who have been divided into a group that was handled by related control pills and a group of people. Obtain non-operational pills, called placebo. In these pills, the hormone was natural estrogen estradiol.

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Cecilia Lundin

– For a long time, we have discussed control pills of women's sexuality, but many of these checks are not strictly monitored. We are also the first one we do with a new pipe. Previous studies have investigated ancient types of synthetic estrogen applications, "said Cecilia Lundin.

Before women started to control pills with placebo births or pipes and at the end of the third month and his / her; Finally, they responded to a comprehensive questionnaire, often used to measure different aspects of sex species, including gender satisfaction, lust, ability to obtain orgasms, awareness to appeal to the partner and level associated.

Only when it came to sexual desire was a statistically different difference between the groups after three months of cure. On a scale of 28 points involving the highest level of sexual abuse, compared to re-medicine, women who were pregnant women; Getting right control pills reduced by two points and women getting placebo pipes have fallen by one point.

– However, there were no safe differences in statistics in the proportion of women in the two groups that had so genial assurance been considered clinically appropriately. He says that other factors are the influence of the pockets behind the decline of genuine desire, says Cecilia Lundin.

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In Sweden, nearly 30 pillars control different births on marketing.

At the same time, she says that there is no sense of slight decrease in sexual aspiration for all the women.

"For a woman who still has" lust points "still, it is not very important, but for a woman who is close to her when she feels less sexual desire, the person who says , say, the bowl will bring a wave over. This should be explained to women in counseling on concepts, "said Cecilia Lundin.

Researchers emphasize the lack of new research; Responding to all questions about how hormonal concepts are like birth control pills that affect sex life.

– Further research is needed to investigate the best possible hormonal concepts in women's sexual orientation, such as checks involving different types of antibodies, saying Cecilia Lundin.

Footnote: Situation for a & # 39; Participating in the study, they also use condoms, pessaries or copper coils to protect against pregnancy. The women who got placebo pipes had no pocket protection, but one was still heavy during the inspection.

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