Pistocchi at RMC Sport: "Ronaldo is not good for Serie A. There is no general game in Juventus"


As often as RMC Sport, in the broadcast of A Tutto Napoli, journalist Maurizio Pistocchi has tackled the latest events of Naples de Carlo Ancelotti. "In Italy, the Azzurri just lost the net, when you pick up five more visit balls more times, it means it's clear that it's missing something under the network. Nàbaran – said the co A favorite in the program set up in conjunction with the editorialists of Tuttonapoli.net – It is difficult to search at this time, this situation must be We're trying to think: Napoli had more information in the past, and sometimes it gives a messenger address, which does not pay Ever ".

Naples is not far from San Paolo since the 16th of December. "In the other years that Napoli had ever gone away his game, he had a strongest idea on football, sometimes he did not win for individual mistakes, but he was ruled, but now he is not so aggressive, leaving some room for opponents. These blues have been better than Fiorentina, the viola was also lucky to bring home their peers. Ancelotti must think of something corrected, on the job that could be done to make the team more able to complete it and its finest decision of play, Napoli offers a free- football is good, but less than the time, and is not a master in the game and the ball. "

There are eight smaller points in Naples, compared to a year ago. Worst than Naples, in this unique classification, they did not only Udinese, Bologna and Chievo. "Last summer, when there was a lot of hope in Naples on the Azzurri, I maintained that Ancelotti was not alone to fill the gap with Juve." The Bianconeri has bought five high players, all CR7. which is to prevent its & # 39; gap over excellent technology also requires enterprise activists, so you need to be good at buying, but also have a budget enough to take samples. Napoli is a good team, This is first to create a game and functionality Now, the smaller game is coded, so the team is even harder, there are eight smaller points a year ago, but also less the objectives set out and more objectives. "

Is it dangerous to destroy Hamsik now? "He's definitely an important player, he has been to Naples and Naples, he is professional on his or her behalf, and out of the field, a true captain: if he agrees to go to close China to a close contract, it is difficult for the president De Laurentiis does not say that, but the sale of which includes revenue is important to the club, he is a -drop professionals who are lost at the time of the season, maybe Napoli would have had some recruited players in January, he was also born from today to tomorrow, but Allan, Zielinski, Diawara and Fabian told us to think Naples is covered, the speech is so bad ".

There is one fifteen point on Juventus ahead of Naples. The competition is now in the moment? "I think it's really good now, since Juventus has a good chance, in the first leg that Bianconeri has killed the competitors, in the summer it is said that he would reach Cristiano Ronaldo is good for Italy football, I said: the competition is not successful and this is not good for football, there is a suitable competition to sell the appeal and the Serie A abroad. There are seven advantages in a row and it's close This is because the Serie A is not competing, there is not much game, there are not many races, there is an improvement in defense, in many races you will not see much of it last year .I, on the other hand, is delighted to see the picture of the individual. The general game, however, is not among the bianconeri there. I am a & # 39; I think it's a competition today, at the 23rd edition, already. Champions, which is one of the other to put a lot of money up to hold. "

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