Pitbull's dog punished the landlord and neighbors in Hanoi


– Seeing the one who was bite with the Pitbull dog, the neighbor who had a dog out to rescue and attacked him; dog.

More than 394,000 dogs will be bite every year

A dog stole, Thanh Hoa, a dog's dog on a necklace

About 10m in the morning, in a cottage in Cho, village of Ba Lang, Tien Dung commune, Thuong Tin district, Hanoi, the owner of the house opened the iron cage to feed the Pitbull dog, 39; bite a & # 39; dog suddenly.

Ha Noi: Pitbull dogs will bite the landlord and their neighbors
After the two bites, the crowd hit the dog

Seeing how the dog owner bites, ran the neighbors of P. (30 years) to his / her; dog to tolerate the passive. The Pitbull dog still bites on a neighbor's cage.

People approached the interventions and attacked Pitbull, telling local authorities.

The Tien Dung police chief executive said that the Pitbull dog was crucial to & # 39; bite on shoulders, hands of two women. Two women were brought to an emergency hospital.

The Pitbull dog is very acidic over 30kg, now bought by the landlord for several months. The man back home eating, and his wife at home; happening.

The 8-year-old daughter is bite with a dog with sharp words and a 7.5 "" 7 "fist just" width = "145" height = "101

The 8-year-old daughter was bite with a dog and stitches were missing

The pain was so painful, but when the doctor saw that the girl did not shout but he asked people to bring the good to the dog.

The 3-year-old boy is bite with a dog, his nose is 200 inches "width =" 145 "height =" 101

The 3-year-old boy is bite with a dog, 200 times heard

The child was taken to hospital with 19 broken scratches, breaking bills and ear, rare fat of the deceased. Doctors must surrender up to 200 styles to reproduce the child's face.

Your dog will bite your 5-year-old dog. "Width =" 145 "height =" 101

Five-year dog dog bite with your dog

While I'm & # 39; playing alone, my cousin D. (age 5, Vĩnh Phúc) will suddenly overwhelm his dog; bite genuine "precious" parts close to each other.


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