Piura: Minsa is taking control of publishers in the Los Órganos News area


The Ministry of Health (Minsa) is the management of meat control, a strategy aimed at actively investigating larvae and mosquito candidates, in the Los Órganos area, the Piura district of Talara.

The work is constrained in coordination with the local authorities, the National Police, Subprefecture, school leaders and their community.

"The Health Minister, Zulema Tomás, is the responsibility that we work in a co-ordinated way with all authorities and residents to be in a position, success in the activity is a hindrance, "said head of Regional Health Directorate (Diresa), Víctor Távara

He argued that the people responded favorably and his / her; Opening home doors to control squirrel.

In The Orchards, where there are 4,646 households, Minsa has divided into six divisions to make effective control.


With the participation of 61 inspectors, 1,200 households were given priority in sections 2 and 4 to prevent the spread of deposits, malaria, Zika and Chikungunya.

The measures to make effective meat control are: the symptoms that are eating mosquitoes, insert the larvicide and put a plastic cap with a tile on the edges so that the water tanks open to attendance.

At the same time, Health staff started to detect people with symptoms, which are given directly to the health center to do so; diagnose and eliminate diseases that are set out with vectors.

Inspectors, fumigators, health workers and brigadists at Minsa who work co-ordinated with their community in the Piura areas that are at risk of spreading infections, resistance.

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Published: 2/17/2019

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