Pixel 3 Lite Photo alongside Pixel 3


Do GOOGLE OFFICER they included Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, and both of them just made a ugly wonder in the & # 39; shop.

With the large number of reductions raised to Google launched, there was not much left for its company. As was the case, the two sports sports that are larger than the last year's models are 5.5in and 6.3in, run, and # 39; Android Android 9.0 OS runs and offers two-face cameras and a wireless gift for a & # 39; first time.

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Date of publication
The Pixel 3 and 3 XL are now available for a pre-order and they will start traveling in Blighty on November 1st.

At the time of writing, some of the Pixel 3 XL models are sold out, with shipping dates now listed as "three to four weeks". This includes all settings of the model & # 39; Not Pink & 128GB, and 128GB of Black and White versions.

Here in the UK, the Pixel will cost 3 £ 739 with 64GB storage and £ 839 with 128GB of resources. The Pixel 3 XL will cost £ 869 and £ 969 with 64GB and 128GB of storage, separately.

O2 has begun orders in advance. It offers Pixel 3 from £ 43 a month and Pixel 3 XL from £ 45 a month, with costs of £ 30 ahead.

On the EE website, Pixel 3 can be built for £ 10 on a £ 58 contract per month, and the Pixel 3 XL will return £ 20 to a £ 63 target.

Three are splitting the Pixel 3 from £ 41 per month with a cost of £ 99, and the Pixel 3 XL is larger from £ 47 per month with the same cost.

Over Sky Mobile, prices for Pixel 3 start at £ 35 per month, and from £ 40 a month for Pixel 3 XL.

Vodafone offers Pixel 3 from £ 58 per month with a price of £ 49, plus the Pixel 3 XL larger for £ 62 per month with the same fee £ 49.

Latest news
Pixel 3 Lite has been trying to see Google again in wildlife, this time it's going to see it. going up to her Pixel sister 3. Russian Twitter user @jc_ru won the image, apparently showing a Pixel 3 Lite display and 5.56in workshop with side 18.5: 9 side by side 5.5 in Pixel 3 with the 18: 9 collection.

According to earlier facts, the Pixel 3 Lite – Sargo & # 39; made up of the Snapdragon 670 process with 4GB of RAM and 32GB stores, 12.2MP camera and 2,915mAh battery as Pixel 3.

11/18/18: Some Pixel 3 owners say they can not lock their smartphone smartphone, even if it is purchased directly from Google. Especially, over Developers XDA forum, Pixel 3 and 3 XL owners promise that the "OEM solution" is a & # 39; move within Development Options has gone out.

Although Google has not yet been said, some may think that a Google Store could be in the # 39; save Verizon modules with error; Usually, machines are purchased directly from the company easily locked, although those who bought from Verizon – notable behavior for all Pixel models -.

Google is likely to need to put out software; The same thing was affecting Pixel's 2 handheld last year, but users needed to restart a factory.

11/18/18: Pixel 3 owners still report glitch software, and this one prevents camera & # 39; world-class smartphone. Across Google and Reddit forums, users have complained that there is a lump; block them from using the app app; some look like & # 39; fatal error, & others; Get a message & can not connect to camera & # 39; in third party applications. Users say that the device is not restarted but glitch configures, and others say that it is still a "#; If the factory is restarted on Pixel 3 Google does not yet say if arrangements are coming.

11/18/18: Google looks at & # 39; Preparing a mid-range version of the Pixel 3 with a plastic scanner and a 3.5mm jack-headphone, according to pictures with RozetkedThe Post-Movement proposes that the Pixel 3 Lite, & # 39; Sargo, which will be including an LCD screen 5.5in 2,220×1080 LCD, Snapdragon 670 SoC storage, 4GB of RAM and 32GB, down from 64GB that is included with its mainview 3.

The picture also appears to show that the face speaker has been covered, and instead there will be a shooting spokesperson at his / her; bottom. However, Rozetked says that the same camera will be placed on the website as the regular Pixel 3; and the extra prize of a webpage.

11/15/18: Google has prompted the introduction of a situation for a cushion that causes text messaging to go to; disappears for XL and Pixel owners 3. Those affected have the potential to update the latest security of the company's Android security; blame, but others say they have left their messages once a month. In a couple of ways, the glitch should be sorted out sooner, with Google saying in a statement: "We have recently detected the bug that affected SMS / MMS on a small number of Pixel 3 and we are going on fast."

11/18/18: But another bag includes Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL owners. After disappearing images reports, users now have a & # 39; complain that text messaging is missing after they send Google's latest security site. Depending on one Reddit user, in Android Police, two-year messages were deleted after installing the installment, and there seems to be no Gaelic responses yet.

according to Android Police and a number of users on Reddit, text messaging started using bogs into the users shortly after the security park had been installed. One Redditor said that he lost more than two years of messaging, with just a recent emerging message threads. When contacting them, a number of users were told that Google was aware of their case and was working on it. The Messages application does not appear to be the case, and # 39; Thinking that Pixels are older and XL's free of charge.

11/18/18: The Pixel 3 and 3 XL suffer from a subject that is suffer by removing the handsets to completely shut up & # 39; as they cost. As reported 9to5Google, users have accepted the social media to complain about the bourgeois, which complained that a & # 39; case delivered when phone is & # 39; carrying out action while it is carried.

Users will contact to know if the "Phone is warm" and that some of the features are "limited while phone & # 39 ; drain down ", and continue to slow it in waulking distance. For some, they will close altogether, with a "Telephone due to heat" message when it is restarted.

Google still has to comment on the case.

10/30/18: It's even weird, but also very hard to preserve Pixel 3 XL handbags with, though, two nests (below).

As reported Android Police, a number of users have noticed a breach that sends a signal on the side of the Pixel 3 XL display side. Fortunately, according to Reddit users who have known the glitch, the online product will disappear after the restart of the device.

Google is also aware of the question, telling Android Police that there is a situation for its & # 39; question "to come sooner".

10/10/18: The Pixel 3 and 3 XL do not support rapidly unplanned tolls on Google's agreed clothing, it has been shown. Android Police says that only the official official Pixel Stand Google supports the 10W fast wire cutting, although third-party waulking waves at a 5W waulking distance are even slower, even if they are capable of 10W .

He got the split from a Piffel 3 miffed owner who recently bought the Anker 10W carger that was just 5W speeding. Anker argued the bad news, saying that their exams were to set out the capabilities that Google was restrained.

"Google 10W official wireless battery can be donated for Pixel 3 and Pixel XL 3 that has been restored, however, according to our quality engineer, Pixel has a limited set of tenders Third party payment and we are scared we can not even provide 5W for these 2x devices, "said the security maker.

Google subsequently confirmed it, but stated in a statement that he is working with parents to confirm 10W quick redheads for use with Pixel 3.

10/18/18: Just a day after Google's smartphone Pixel 3 phones were infected by mistake. image destruction (below), users say that the speakers are on the 3 XLs; make sound that is split or a & # 39; gutting. The case, which is similar to Google's big tense, is a & # 39; affecting a large number of users, which suggest that frequencies are very limited in a particularly difficult field.

"So I'm absolutely LOVE the new 3 XL pixel but it seems that there is a problem for speakers," wrote one Reddit user. "There seems to be a level of electricity, it has noticed it from the only day."

Another responds: "My speaker sounds like a cite at a low level, almost like to crawl at the bottom below and the sound differs depending on how I talk to backscreen. "

Google still has to give an opinion, but users consider that the case is hard-working, which is a. means that the only solution is a new device.

10/18/18: The early Pixel 3 and 3 XL funders protest that there is a case with pictures; camera that does not save. The case – which has also been affecting Pixel 2 and 2 XL devices, according to Reddit – a & # 39; happens when a user presents a photo by Google camera and his / her; turn to another app or lock the handset just after that. Some users will find that the bug is connected to a & # 39; Android battery battery, Doze, because it does not appear to have been the problem for two or two. Google still has to comment on the page.

10/18/18: Google has talked about the new Titan M security team inside its smart Pixel 3 and 3 XL pones. In a post on the blog, the company has a & # 39; explains that the team comes from the Titan team that has been used in Google Cloud data centers, to try to deliver "tamper-resistant" hard security to its latest messages.

The Titan M is attached to the Declaration Conservatives process, Google is definition, which prevents insulting attacks from doing so; Moving your device to a non-Android version to & # 39; try to open the labels. It will consolidate the green screen, too, and only after successful confirmation the Titan M will; permit decommissioning. Titan M is also used to store items in third-party applications.

In the case of third party applications, the Titan M, applications can now take advantage of the StrongBox KeyStore API to create and store private devices in Titan M.

"The Google Pay team has tried to invent these new APIs to store things," said Google, indicating that it is possible to " Android certification – which means that this is the only device to do so.

10/17/18: The Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL were called last week and, naturally, iFixit has been quick to get rid of it. Interestingly, the teardown shows that Google's largest AMOLED screenplay has been made by Samsung, confirming that LG – without being surprising – is discharged as a showcase of the company. Elsewhere iFixit a team introduced the Titan M Google security team, the same Pixel Visual Core as Pixel 2 XLs. In total, the Teardown team removed Pixel 3 building – which included "so much movement" with an independent friendship breakdown of four out of 10.

9/10/18: Google did not surprise anyone when launching Pixel 3 and 3 XL, that is, just what you expected.

Both Android 5.5in 1080×2160 and 6.3in 1440×2960 ​​HD sports have exhibitors, individually, up from the 5in and 6in screen that were found on Google's last year's lanes. The Pixel 3 XL also has enough play with an iPhone X-a-like for its & # 39; the first time, and Pixel 3 has chosen to show an old-school show instead.

The story was introduced to face-face two-face cameras, which include common and spacious window lenses. But around the back, Google has been involved with a 12.2MP camera, with a # 39; dragging bilingually, and in some cases with books with three books.

Although that may be & # 39; pronouncing something uncertain on paper, it says that the new feature & Night Sight & # 39; – which will become a software update later this year – to capture natural images in the dark without flash and will be released as part of software updates later this year.

Fon cuach, both the Pixel 3 and 3 Qualcomm XL packs, 10nm Snapdragon 845, a new Titan M security, 4GB RAM and a 64GB or 128GB resource option built. Both handsets also support wire cutting for its & # 39; the first time, and Google is entering its own tax install – the Pixel Stand – as an optional device.

The new Pixels do not look very different from the models last year, and both are very different. offer the same IP68 qualification as Pixel 2 and 2 XL. However, Google has a new model & Not Pink & # 39; to be introduced for its new pink mobile phone. This will be offered with models & Just Black & # 39; and Clearly White &

8/8/18: With just a day away from the Google Pixel 3 XL release, the handlebar has suffered one mega-leak. according to Engadget editor Richard Lai, the handbag has already been sold by a Hong Kong retailer for – and got hold of her hand. The device that is questioned, as is expected, is a 6.3in screen 2,960 x 1,440 OLED, a Snapdragon 845 team with 4GB of RAM and 128GB storage and 3,732mAh battery. On the face of your camera, you will find a 12.2MP snapper on the back, together with two lens facing 8MP face.

Officially, Google officially launches the device on Tuesday, and the event starts at 4pm in the UK.

28/9/18: The Pixel 3 XL has been doing something else very quickly, with the permission of a Russian YouTube Rozetked who has uploaded a mobile to send the machine in advance Pixel 2 XL. The cut indicates that the 3 XLs are around the same search as the "XL" with a larger "bigger" display. The camera is increasingly growing on its & # 39; A new model, however, which means that it will be a rock if you are flattened.

Although the video does not give us much, we do not already know, Rozetked says the 3 XL "iDevices" is a "very new" spelling system similar to that, even saying that it might be better than Scotland's feedback system.

27/9/18: The Pixel Stand will be called Google, a wired doctorate doc that accompanies the & # 39; Pixel 3 and 3 XL, has risen up in a leaked image.


The photograph (above), which is shared by MySmartPrice, which appears in a render press, a & # 39; Confirm that a USB port is a hidden port at USB-C docks, coupled with the Google logo, at the bottom. It is also likely that you cost Pixel 3 by positioning it on top of the installation, and – whenever it is connected – it says that it will bring your digital phone into to smart display.

24/9/18: Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL may have much left to say, but that's not stopping Evan Blass to post his own brand of very good and precise rewards of Android Pie .

The images show the bezel-adorned front of the Pixel 3, and the deep color Pixel 3 XL that looks like two faces face. As each individual truth is, the two modules show two face-face 8MP face snappers: one with autofocus and f / 1.8 opening, and a centered lens based on a rectangle, f / 2.2.

19/9/18: The Pixel 3 and 3 XL have suffered a lot of victimization over the last few months, and now they have gone out in official formats. Blog of countries Nieuwe Mobile Share shares, which show both Android Pie parts in items covered by tools, similar to Google sold beside Pixel 2.

The images do not let us know that we are not familiar with Pixel 3 and 6.7in Pixel 3 XL 5.4, longer than to consolidate single-lensed cameras and face-facing cameras. The Pixel XL 3 note is right too and now, unfortunately.

17/9/18: Google confirmed that the Pixel 3 and 3 XL will be available in mint, black and white color options. Although the smartphones already look like they are not surprisingly in the & # 39; shop, Google has launched a promo site for both Pixel 3 – first spot with Droid Life – who has a phone show, along with the words "Coming Soon" and a little digital confetti.

By clicking on the Google logo on it; phone to move between each color, they all just have a & # 39; Verify that three modules will be available at the launch.

3/9/18: But else else Pixel 3 XL was seen in the outdoors – this trip behind Leighton.

Driver sent images of the smartphone that are already unknown Android Police after someone who had gone out of his travel; leave the handbag in the back of the car

"He thought he fell on Pixel 2 XL back, but realized that the XL 3 was after seeing the logo and Google logo behind," the report says.

"The unit, which was issued, had different identifying stickers. The reseller returned the phone to the original owner a few minutes later.

With the number of replications that the Pixel 3 XL has suffered, these latest images do not tell us many we do not already know; There's a good story, Google's single-lensed back camera and Google's normal dagger design around the back.

30/8/18: Google reports that the smart smart phones of XL's Pixel 3 and 3 have featured at an event on 9 October.

So he says Bloomberg, which is a report that details the iPhone iPhone 2018 that is a come to Apple, telling Smart Pixel 3 mobile phones to start later one month on 9 October – a & # 39; mentions an earlier fact about the publication of 4 October.

Google is unlikely to be stuck, because there are a number of discounts – probably selling Pixel 3 XL devices on a Russian black market – have come to a large extent that they know about scratch Android pieces.

28/8/18: The Pixel 3 XL was introduced into a broader daily film.

Although the Pixel 3 XL is available on black market; means that the handsets have gone out in full color, a high quality printing bid has been on & # 39; Give us a closer look at Android Pie newsletters.

Posted by YouTube In DIGI, the two-to-a-minute video (below) showing the Pixel 3 XL from each area, which is & # 39; reinforcing its glass, magnetic displays, backbone sensation and one-lensic back camera.

The unboxing also affirms what comes into the box: USB-C Pixel earbuds, USB-C to head head adapter, and converter & # 39; Switch Switch & USB-C Switch.

24/8/18: It is said that the large number of reductions around Pixel 3 XL have been identified to a Ukranian black market agreement, which is Google's flagging as still unnecessary for $ 2,000.

That depends 9to5Google, Which has shown that the potentially stolen hand-held sites can be credited beforehand for the large number of reductions that are around Pixel 3 XL that are coming in.

The vendor, who passes through the devices through Telegram, says that the devices were originally intended to be imported to Google engineers and have been reporting Customers with an interest that the machines are brought in from London.

Message sent by the seller, which you can see 9to5Google, he says: "Leave only 3 pcs. Google Pixel 3 XL I respond directly to their favorite questions: • The price is $ 2000 • Payable is possible through PayPal or Bitcoin . The second is better because PayPal has a joint commission for international translation • Distribution will be made from London through DHL or FedEx. In terms of purchasing, contact [removed] Also, I remind you that a great Pixel 2 XL is at a great price. Please!"

23/8/18: We are still two months away from the next Google Pixel phones officially displayed, but this did not stop more information about the Pixel 3 XL from appearing online.

New, high quality photographs of the main scenes (below) has been posted by a Russian blog Rozetked, which shows almost everything that comes out; to know about the handbag. Not only does the move showcase a showcase of 2960 × 1440 Pixel 3 XL display and design, but also tells that the Snapdragon 845, Android OS OS Pie and USB Pixel Buds process -C broadcast.

Samples of the Pixel 3 XL licensed camera were also posted to the Khoroshev user account at Instagram, which shows the performance of the 12MP content that says that the # behind.

And if that was not enough, Khoroshev also added a video of Pixel 3 XL radio charges in action, confirming that this is a # 39; Google's first smartphone to support wireless wiring.

21/8/18: The Pixel 3 XL is publicly seen and photographed MobileSupup reader.

The spy shots (below), which was built on the Canadian public transport system, confirmed that Android Pie's main logo will play in a deep way of Iona that looks like two faces face. It is not clear why these are used to provide a proven style of Face ID style, or just a photo mode subject to bokeh effects.

An image of the back of the device does not tell us much but it seems to show a single-lensed back camera and a new curved glass. Google's dose design seems to be still waiting, Despite earlier facts that show a uniform color scheme.

13/8/18: A preliminary postage of a video clip has shown that Google's Pixel 3 XL is showing a 9.7in Note 9 favorite.

Four-minute video (below), which was posted by Ukranian & # 39; iVenyaWay, a & # 39; gives us a glimpse of Pixel 3 XL for the first time. And despite the earlier facts that the click phone would show a small 6.2in ​​presentation, it's a? Show us that the handset will have a screening of Note 9 6.7in 2960×1440 OLED.

Unlike Note 9, the Pixel 3 XL will play a hard signal for its two-sided cameras and an under display chistle chain. It also features a camera of 12.2MP single-lensed 2015-in behind, but Note 9 is a # 39; 12MP bilingual system folder closed.

Otherwise, this broad dimension is confirming that, if it is legitimate, the Pixel 3 XL will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor Packing 845, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, 3,430mAh battery and one USB-C port. It also runs Android 9.0 Pie, naturally, and the video is & # 39; show off the new Google mobile phones.

8/8/18: Google's Pixel 3 display appears to be still a few months away, but it has not stopped hacking Pixel 3 XL images that appear online.

The pictures (below) that comes through the Russian technology banner Канал Лучкова, a & # 39; Confirming many of what we are already familiar with, showing Pixel 3's pixel marker, its single-lensed back camera and its new uniform color scheme, with Google and # 39; provide the normal donnage design.

The Settings handset menu boosts to confirm that Pixel 3 XL is a? run Android 9, naturally and process the Qualcomm 8-core processor (and probably the Snapdragon 845) with 4GB RAM compatible and Adreno GPU. The image also features a 1440×2960 ​​hand screen accessibility and a pixel density of 494.

Also in the leak the image of the USB-C columns is enclosed (above), fully certified that there are earlier facts that Google is editing a version of the Pixel Bud ear.

6/8/18: The start date for Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL has moved Google, with Google's permission.

YouTube Seals Here today shows an advertisement on Famebit, made by Google, which aims to plug, content, and content creators to; the upcoming Pixel 3 pipe cover. The advertisement will confirm the start date of the mobile phone 4 October – the same date on which Pixel 2 and Pixel were posted; first gen.

Google's descendants just come a day after specs for the Pixel 3 XL showed Geekbench on, Confirming the smartphone CPC Snapdragon 845 Qualcomm phone with 4GB smart RAM. Despite this, the smartphone of 2426 is a smartphone and a very important score of 8355 well above Pixel 2 XL last year, which came in with the scores of 1845 and 6185.

30/7/18: Google Pixel 3 XL has been shown to be missing in the most outstanding still, which confirms the different color & Clearly White & iPhone-style display cuts.

Dr.guru's user at the XDA Development Forum says that Google Pixel 3 XL has handled its hands, the largest of Google's two largest mobile devices to launch later this year.

The images are invalid, which are said to show the color color Pixel 3 XL, to & # 39; Supporting earlier facts that phone is on the front of the digital phone to take two face servers. There will also be a satellite session at the bottom of the phone, usually staying in the Pixel face speaker.

Dhearbhaidh dealbhan de dh 'inneal an t-inneal gun cuir Google cuidhteas air an dealbhadh dà-thonn aige, ach tha e an dùil a bhith a' cumail le camara aon-lensach, a dh 'aindeoin fònaichean sgairteil an latha an-diugh a' cluich co-dhiù a dhà.

Agus stèidhichte air sgàilean Fastboot inneal handset, bidh am Pixel 3 XL a 'pacadh 4GB de RAM agus 64GB de stòradh air bòrd. A rèir dr.guru, chan urrainn dha na picsel Pixel XL 3 a bhith a 'bualadh tuilleadh air sgàth' s gu bheil e air a bhith "air a dhìon bho ghluasad gu grinn".

29/6/18: Ma tha thu airson a bhith iongantach nuair a nochdas Google Pixel 3 agus Pixel 3 XL nas fhaide air adhart am-bliadhna, is dòcha gum bi thu airson coimhead air falbh a-nis.

Riochdachaidhean ùra de dhà-chluiche Android P, stèidhichte air faidhlichean CAD factaraidh agus air an co-roinn An ìomhaigheag airson MySmartPrice às leth luchd-tarraing measail @OnLeaks, sealltainn an dà chuid Pixel 3 agus 3 XL bho gach ceàrnaidh, agus daingnichidh sinn mòran de na chunnaic sinn mar-thà: cùl-ghlainne, camarathan aon-lens agus dealbhadh dà-thonn àbhaisteach Google.

Bidh am Pixel 3 XL a 'leum smuaintean cruaidh agus stoidhle iPhone-stoidhle, ged a tha e nas lugha na an gearradh air prìomh bhratach Apple. Suidhidh seo aig mullach taisbeanadh 6.2in, a tha MySpartPrice Bidh co-mheasan taobh 19: 9 a 'nochdadh co-mheasan taobh.

Chan eil am Pixel Ghoogle 3 nas lugha na chomharra agus an àite sin bidh iad a 'gèilleadh gu seisealan gu h-àrd agus fo a thaisbeanadh 5.4in co-chomharradh 18: 9, ged a tha iad seo gu math nas lugha na na bezels air Pixel 2 an-uiridh.

Bidh an dà inneal a 'cluich camarathan lens aon-chonnaidh air an cùl, agus tha e coltach gu bheil iad a' cluich dà sensor air thoiseach (ged a tha iad An ìomhaigheag airson MySmartPrice mothachail gum faodadh an dàrna modal a bhith na mothachadh solais àrainneachdail).

A thaobh tomhasan corporra, tomhas Pixel 3 145.6×68.2×7.9mm, agus tomhas Pixel 3 XL 158×76.6×7.9mm. Ach, bidh an dà fhònaichean sgairteil a 'tomhas 8.6mm tana nuair a thathas a' toirt cunntas air a 'chamara cùil.

Chan eil na riochdairean 5K a 'toirt seachad mòran eile a bharrachd air a bhith a' dearbhadh port USB-C agus cairt SIM-làimhe, ach An ìomhaigheag airson MySmartPrice mothachail gum faod sinn cuideachd a bhith an dùil gu bheil processor Qualcomm aig Snapdragon 845 a 'toirt cumhachd do gach inneal.

Tha am Pixel 3 agus Pixel 3 XL airson an oifis oifigeil aca, ged nach eil e iongantach san Dàmhair.

8/6/18: An Chaidh Google Pixel 3 XL a thaisbeanadh anns a 'bhlàr a-muigh, a' daingneachadh nach eil sin idir cho brosnachail.

Na h-ìomhaighean (gu h-ìseal), a tha a 'tighinn le cead bho bhall XZ Developers meraz9000, a' sealltainn gum bi suaicheantas Android P air a sgriobhadh gu mòr a 'leantainn a' ghluasaid chòmhlain, le cutout cruaidh iPhone X-stoidhle na shuidhe aig mullach an taisbeanaidh. Tha seo a 'daingneachadh aithisg bho chionn ghoirid Bloomberg (gu h-ìosal), a bha ag ràdh, ged a bhios an Pixel 3 XL a 'toirt spèis dha, chan fhaigh Pixel 3 an aon leigheas.

Dhaingnich an neach-cleachdaidh XDA cuideachd gun toir an Pixel 3 XL backside glainne, a 'moladh gum faodadh e taic a thoirt do chìsean gun uèir – ged nach eil a' chùis airson OnePlus 6 no Moto Z3 Play.

Ann an àiteachan eile, tha rudan gu math bòidheach a 'ruith às a' mhuileann. Sùileachadh air Pixel 3 XL, a thathar an dùil a ruighinn san Dàmhair, gus camara cùil aon-lensach, port USB-C agus inneal-fòn ceann-là 3.5mm a nochdadh.

31/5/18: Dìreach latha às deidh dhuinn a 'chiad shealladh fhaighinn air Pixel 3 agus 3 XL, Bloomberg ag aithris gum bi na goireasan-làimhe a 'dèanamh an toiseach oifigeil aca san Dàmhair.

Tha an aithisg, a fhuair am fiosrachadh bho na daoine 'àbhaisteach air a bheil e eòlach air a' chùis ', ag ràdh – mar a thathar an dùil – bidh an Pixel 3 XL nas motha a' nochdadh taisbeanadh taisbeanaidh a tha gu ìre beag ri oir le bonn aig a 'mhullach. Cha bhi an gearradh seo cho farsaing ri sin air an iPhone X, ach Bloomberg ag ràdh gum bi e nas àirde.

Chan eil am Pixel 3, air an làimh eile, a 'coimhead gu math eadar-dhealaichte ri Pixel 2 na bliadhna an-uiridh, agus cha bhith e a' toirt a-steach an sgeadachadh no an dealbhadh a tha ri fhaicinn air a 'mhodail nas motha, gun teagamh sam bith nas costasaiche.

Tha an dà chuid fònaichean-sgairteil Android P air an toirt gu dà chamara aghaidh aghaidh, coltach ris an fheadhainn a chithear air U12 Plus aig HTC. Bidh Google a 'cumail le camarathan aon-lensach air a' chùl, a rèir na h-aithisge, ach bidh seo a 'toirt taic dha buaidh Bokeh dà-camara-dà-chànanach a tha a' toirt seachad bathar-bog as fheàrr.

Le Google a 'toirt feartan air iasad bho phrìomhachas as ùire HTC, is dòcha nach bi e iongantach a bhith ag ionnsachadh gum bi an tàlant innleadaireachd a fhuair an companaidh bho HTC nas tràithe am-bliadhna gu mòr an sàs ann a bhith a' leasachadh nan innealan ùra. Tha an aithisg ag innse gu bheil Google ag aithris ann an còmhraidhean le Foxconn gus co-chruinneachadh a làimhseachadh.

Ged nach e seo an fheadhainn as iomallaiche de leaks, tha tip Cruinneas Deighe a 'tagradh gu tur gum bi Taisbeanadh LG a' toirt seachad pannalan OLED le meòran gu Google. Dh'fhaodadh seo a bhith iongantach air cuid dhiubh oir bha mòran càineadh air LG airson an taisbeanadh OLED ann am Pixel 2 XL an-uiridh, le luchd-cleachdaidh a 'gearan mu chnàthan gorm, dathan eabarach agus ìomhaighean grinn.

Leigidh Pixel Ghoogle 3 agus Pixel 3 XL a-mach san Dàmhair, tagraidhean Bloomberg, agus bidh Verizon a-mhàin anns na SA.

29/5/18: Tha beagan mhìosan fhathast againn gus am bi fònaichean sgairteil next-gen Pixel gu bhith oifigeil, ach tha fiosrachadh mu na fònaichean sgairteil Android P air tòiseachadh air uachdar air-loidhne mar-thà.

Tha a 'chiad slatan-tomhais againn de thagradh a' tighinn le cead le paidhir de luchd-dìon sgrion glainne measgaichte. Chaidh ìomhaighean de na h-innealan oifigeil a shealltainn gu Weibo, air SlashLeaks, agus tha e a 'sealltainn gur e Google an ath Android OEM gus gabhail ri stoidhle iPhone X-style.

Ged nach eil e cho iongantach mura bi an taisbeanadh air a ghearradh oir tha Android P a 'tighinn le taic dualchas dùthchasach, tha an gluasad a' moladh nach bi ach aon de na fònaichean smart Pixel 3 – am Pixel 3 XL nas motha – a 'cluich aon.

Agus an ìomhaigh – a chaidh a dhèanamh o chionn ghoirid bho Weibo – bidh e a 'sealltainn nach bi an nota Pixel 3 XL gu math nas lugha na feadhainn, agus a' nochdadh meud coltach ris an fheadhainn a chaidh a lorg air OnePlus 6.

Chan urrainn mòran a bharrachd fhaighinn bho na h-ìomhaighean dubha, ged a tha coltas ann an spòrs Pixel 3 agus 3 XL airson an t-solais solais àrainneachd agus camara aghaidh. Tha e comasach, mar HTC, gu bheil Google a 'planadh camarathan aghaidh aghaidh air na h-innealan sin leis na gearraidhean àireamh a th' ann an-dràsta, ach tha e nas dualtaiche a bhith nad sensor eile.

Ged nach eil mòran eòlach againn mu na fònaichean sgairteil a tha a 'tighinn a-steach do Google, tha fios againn gum bi iad coltach ri chèile le taobh a-muigh trioblaidean smartwatches le Pixel.

Codenamed 'Ling,' 'Sardine,' and 'Triton,' the smartwatches are expected include "at least" 1GB RAM, Bluetooth with apt-X, GPS, and LTE with Voice over LTE (VoLTE) support, which means that the third-gen Apple Watch, the Pixel smartwatches will also be able to carry out calls without being paired to a smartphone.

Health will also be a focus, with the smartwatches set to feature step tracking and a baked-in heart rate monitor.

Unsurprisingly, the trio of smartwatches will be based on Qualcomm's incoming Wear OS chip, which reports claims will arrive as the Snapdragon Wear 3100. This quad-core chip will, according to the report, will keep the same 28nm process as Snapdragon Wear 2100 and will use the older ARM Cortex-A7 architecture and Adreno 304 GPU. μ

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