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Reporter Zhao Yingguang, Chen Zhengdong, Report Fang Pinwen / Taichung

On the Super Saturday before the election, Taichung Master Lin Jialong splashed at Staip Taiping. More than 30,000 supporters came to the place. Lin Jialong's chief executive, You Xiyu, also made a special trip to the children. Buffalo also apologized for the first time. First, when you were Xizhen's local landlords Yilan, he opposed the construction of "Suao Power Plant". So, the thermal power plant came to Taichung, but did not expect that Lin Jialong was a blank target.

▲ Buffalo Boyou Tin 道 lets an excuse for air pollution, initially against the energy cover of Yilan.

Air Stadium Taiping, 10,000 people were in the empty road, with 30,000 supporters on the road. Lin Jialong's warden was moved up with his dramatic sea. The 200-meter short drive took 8 minutes to go to the platform to deliver a speech. Taichung Mòr Lin Jialong: "The Taichung team is developing the force forward. We do not have to achieve this negative energy. It should not be demolished."

▲ Leug Jialong a speech that can not "enable negative energy to prosper."

Captain Lin Jialong was united and united, and the tone was full of meaning and solid. The invitation party to the Environmental Protection Agency Deputy Director Zhan Shungui and President of the Yuan Xiyu Yuan heard that the soldiers were blamed for their desertion and that They are satisfied with air pollution. I have a relationship with me. I am happy to express everyone and my apologies. "

▲ Lu Xiuyan made a concert to play a film with Korean Yu and Hou Youyi.

On the Super Saturday before the election, Lu Xiuyan's mum was at the same time in the night market on Fengyuan Huluo Night Market. In addition to the main economy of air pollution, It's a major 6-minute Korean chicken uve. Kaohsiung Senior candidate South Korea Yu: "The New North, Taichung and Kaohsiung will visit Taichung folks."

The three schoolmaster were at the same level, and Lu Xiuyan supported Yu and Hou Youyi to South Korea, but they were a little slow. The live broadcasts were not co-finishing but the supporters were still enthusiastic. The host said they had sent more than 7,000 chairs. , 30,000 people came.

▲ ▼ also said there are 30,000 people, but the pictures still have a hot debate.

Supporters: "There are more than 30,000 people on the scene." In contrast, Lin Jialong and Lu Xiuyan said there are 30,000 people in the evening, but the aerial image seems that Xiuyan Lu still exists in some gaps, and even some of the websites said that the market of the " Original night The telescope elasticity is so good, beyond physic law to quench irrigation. (Group: Huang Yunwei Interactive Editor)

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