Play after a press release on 20-11, which is the 9th boy falling into the loch


On the morning of November 21, there was a difference with his newspaper Speaker, Vi Van Xuan, the chief of the police in Mau Lam Commune, Nhu Thanh District, Thanh Hoa department, in the area just happened on the case of a teacher who visited a 14-year-old boy on November 20, Unfortunately He went into the lake to die.

Play after a press release on 20-11, a 9th man to die to die - Picture 1.

The 9th grade corps was rescued ashore but died

So the event took place at about 14 minutes 30 minutes on November 20, at Mau Lam Lake (in Dong Tho and Dong Moc towns, Mau Lam commune). The victim was identified as N.H. (SN 2004, Ngoc Lac district, Thanh Hoa division).

At the time, the 9th male rank (currently with his grandmother in the town of Nong Chong, the Nong Chong area, Thanh Hoa division), together with a group of companions with Mau Lam who liked the teacher Vietnamese Teachers (20-11).

After congratulating the teachers, they left their company and went to Mau Lam Lake. During the waterfall, the young man traveled and fell into the loch. "As a result, the victim was dead," said Vi Van Xuan.

Lam Commune's Police Chief of Mhau said after the incident, police also came to the position to clarify the event. Indeed, unfortunately, as the disaster is in an accident, the police have completed the necessary procedures and the victims group to family roles.

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