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A B.C. A young man played a blue whale conservation group with a big log in her; Harbor from Comox, on Vancouver Island.

Lifeforce Ocean friends added the video to social media, which was taken forward. Dec. 2. The director of the organization, Peter Hamilton, said the video shows Lorax, a four-year-old woman who, show a bit of rare play.

"A phrase in a logging is a description of when whales and dolphins are relaxing. This rare type of play & # 39 play ; adding to our knowledge of their complex life, "said Hamilton. "I saw her again going on and again to get her head and play with them actively. It's been a game time over 45 minutes. Then She went with two other cromos. "

The activity has been seen several times over the last few years from the local hillbound, including Lorax.

"In 2015, her first croft was to get a lot of knowledge to come to Lifeforce's research boat when we moved to Vancouver Island. She was alone because they were only raised by mom in the first year. This time she was not interested in the boat or me as she was completely immersed with her album , "said Hamilton.

Ocean Opportunities Friends promote the promotion of whale conservation through habitat education and whale needs.


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Dec 7, 2018 / 4:39 pm | Story:

Advocate for holding the British Columbia election system as it is a question that residents are rely on reform, with voter numbers distributed on the last day of the referendum campaign.

Elections BC says that he received 41 per cent of the elective votes before Friday morning in the referendum, which asks voters if they would like to keep the current system in – Save or move into a representative representation format.

Ballots can be returned by post or personally and those received by 4:30 p.m. Friday deadline will be counted.

"Forty-four people show me that most of the Latinians do not find a constituent representation or electoral system that is a unique topic important, "said Bill Tieleman of" Vote No to Pro Rep, "saying that voters are still lower than two previous referendums in 2005 and 2009.

"It seems that we have said all the time – this referendum was not necessary."

In 2005, 61 were out of their vote; vote. Approximately 57 per cent of votes were selected to support proportional representation, which did not meet the 60 per cent threshold to make its connection with the government.

Four years later, 55 per cent voted voting and 61 per cent votes for the first time; disappeared.

The most recent referendum is binding, and the winner will be published by a simple majority of votes.

Newsman said if the vote was proportionally represented, it would be a? question whether voters are strongly supporting the shift. If you have a vote to vote in the 40 per cent range and just over half of those votes are for change, that would be; meant that only 20 per cent of voters voted for a constituent representation, and a 80 percent vote against or did not vote at all, he said.

But Green Party CEO, Andrew Weaver, who supports proportional representation, said the results should be accepted. what they would do. If civil election results are taken when you vote below 41 per cent, then the results of the referendum should be said, he said.

"It's the truth, this is our democratic system. We can vote, we can vote if we want and if we choose to vote, we will make that choice," said Weaver.

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7 December, 2018 / 4:00 f | Story:

A judge has tried to prosecute B.C. government wants to send its & # 39; case while giving public access to two lochs within almost three decades after the road was stopped.

The Valley Valley Fish and Gaming Club took the Lake Lake Douglas Cattle Company to court after its company obstructed access to Stoney and Minnie locks near Merritt.

The company left, one of the world's biggest cattle companies, a road going to the lochs in early 1990, and, opening access to club members.

In a rule that was issued on Friday, the Joel Groves Justice says that the government has preserved rights to the loch. making the fish in the public buildings of the loch, which meant that the public had to reach the lochs.

Groves decided that the division rejected its obligations to citizens B.C. when a & # 39; The company had a unreliable agreement and "there was no government official at the end to ask the lock to remove its gateway."

The Club of Fishmanship and the Nicola Valley Games Club, Rick McGowan, said the decision is the previous situation and it will mean the people of B.C. you have the right to reach all public places in the department.

Groves said when he ruled that he was the responsibility of his / her. share land ownership and public roads and to stop those who – for their economic or personal benefit – chose to stay in that public domain.

"So, I do not identify a branch of anybody at a particular government but, again, it is not so difficult that any governments who are under the responsibility of public trust do not take any action to prevent an illegal barrier on a public road with a corporate body, to benefit its own. "


A man was arrested following Chilliwack RCMP's investigation on a last-minute smash-and-grab pitch event.

On the 30th of November, the RCMP Fair Offender Reduction Team saw the person on a bicycle bringing many suspicious properties behind business in the Gore Avenue area.

"The person identified by the Chilliwack RCMP is a serious crime and is known to our officers who have taken into account his activity," said Corporal Mike Rail, spokesman for the Department of the Department of Upper RCMP .

Patrol members later released that the pickup truck in the area had been a smash-and-grab theme, and gave evidence to the rider.

The man was found within minutes and was arrested, at the time when things were tied to those who suspected property was stolen from the truck and another nearby weak man.

Paul Tanner, 20, of Chilliwack is now responsible for being a possession of a vehicle for a motor vehicle crash and property acquired by crime.

Tanner is released from the court as long as it looks like in the court longer than it; this month.

"RCMP planning outfitting officers left special and flexible during one study, put their focus away to catch the suspect," said Rail.

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The BC Oil and Gas Commission to close oil oil operations in an area in the north east of the department for at least 30 days long & It's a quarry search that happened on November 29.

The regulator says that the seismic events that ranged between 3.4 and 4.5 increased near waterproof breaking works about 20 kilometers southeast of Fort St. John le Canadian Natural Resources Ltd based in Calgary.

He says that his company has stopped that work immediately and does not allow him to go back without the written consent of the commission.

According to Canadian Natural Resources, the 4.5 magnificent earthquake was assessed in St John, Taylor, Chetwynd and Dawson Creek but did not harm. It was followed after two smaller settlements.

A watery fracture involves a large amount of water, sand and chemicals into a well to break tight underground rock and allow cleared oil and gas to flowing.

The technology, together with the oil oil lion inserted into treatment wells, is linked to the B.C. commissioned for previous events of "induced seismicity", even though it is Commenting on his website, none of the events in B.C. due to safety or environmental hazards or property damage.


Connex Okanagan driving conditions continue to challenge Friday drivers.

There have been two carcass events, on one vehicle he has not hit a pole.

Reports show that two midwives are taken to the scene, but so far we have no reports on how bad & are the books. Rescue 31 and Utility 31 have also responded to the accidents.

UPDATE 8:17 a.m.

Emergency rescue teams, including rescue 31, are taken to the Pennask Football on the Okanagan link as at 8:15 a.m.

They respond to reports about a vehicle incident on Highway 97 C.

There is no word about how bad the accident or harm is at the moment.

The final day for voters is to decide on the future of how governments are elected in B.C.

Electors have the option to maintain the status quo, or to include a constituent representation of the electoral system.

Ballots for today's 2018 referendum on election reform needs to be today.

Completed voting packs must be returned personally at a referendum service or BC Center Service at 4:30 p.m.

Places to allow the ballots are available online.

Results will be reported once all ballots have been introduced, which will take several weeks.

From the morning of Friday, it is estimated that there are 1,356,000 voting packages obtained by Elections BC, Showing results from around 41 per cent of registered voters.

Elections BC will continue to host; It is going to update the results of the product; the next week as voters at reception at the deadline are sent to Victoria Elections in Victoria.

According to the Insights West survey, the referendum is the real short-haul.

The online survey is of a representative sample of 965 British Columbians, worthy of voting, showing a very close race between a & # 39; Keeping the voting system that passes on & # 39; mail (FPTP) and switch to divisional representation.

Of those who have already voted, half (49 per cent) say that the department should maintain the FPTP system, and the second half (48 per cent) prefer to move to a rep .

The game converter could have been the last minute vote of last-minute votes that could destroy the final results as the survey showed that voter voters prefer to rep rep over FPTP.

"It's so close to this race and the time of the ballot applications which means that the product is too close to call," said Steve Mossop, president of Insights West. "As in many close elections, the results of the final referendum clearly depend on the voting voting. Senior voters are at the best PR level required in the & # 39 – all of this process – if they continue and turn their votes, we could win this side – but that's uncertain. "

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Dec 7, 2018 / 9:55 am | Story:

An B.C. the government says it needs to be taken to the air in another attempt to destroy the whale weather in Surrey.

The Ministry of Buildings, Land and Natural Works states that he has applied for a license to use the use of a food poison to throw a section of a residential and residential park land in the north of Surrey next year.

The same type has been broken off from the ground in recent years but the government says it was not effective, and showed and did not. Monitor the results that show that the tint is established.

If there is no care, the moths may spread to new areas of the area through vehicles, ships, rail and marine vessels, as the plague came to B.C.

The caterpillars will feed on tree sheets and can damage woodlands, farms and orchards.

There are large numbers of sparkling turfs to protect sections of woodlands and residential areas in Ontario and eastern United States.

RCMP Surrey and the Integrated Discrimination Inquiry Team investigate other murder in Surrey.

The RCMP and the Surrey Fire Service responded
Medical call on Friday morning at 1:30 a.m. in the 7000 blocks of 144A Street in Surrey.

The surrounding area of ​​the scene is still covered and still until the inspection is completed.

Researchers investigate the & # 39; Look for evidence and information at this time and show that no additional information will be provided at this time.

Anyone with information about this research can contact the IHIT Information Line at 1-877-551-IHIT (4448).

CTV News recites a story that is being developed out of Vancouver.

Emergency teams and firefighters have the scene trying to steal a fire that breaks off the 43th Avenue in the East near Earles Street.

The rescue engine started on Friday and from 8 a.m. firefighters had been able to demolish the fire to get into the building.

– with files from CTV News

The Canadian Environment has given a special specialty that stretches from Vancouver Island to Glenfelt.

At this time, it is not expected to affect Okanagan but it is & # 39; warns residents of the coast, including Metro Vancouver, about a flood of wet snow and ice cream tonight and early Saturday.

The rush of high pressure that gave the south coast a fresh, sunny weather this week begins to start; escape. Now there is a weak Pacific Ocean system; come in to reach the south coast tonight. Prior to this system, clouds and winds will increase late and night; Keeping surface temperature above a tonight level. With a warmer air series above the surface, the waterfall that is mixed with a few wet snow is the potential for the most of the Vancouver Metro. It is too small a recitation without snow.

In addition to internal sections of the Vancouver Metro and Glen Fraser which are sheltered from winds out of the stream, the temperature of falling falls below ninth tonight and as a result frozen bottles in .

If you're traveling to the coast, it's been done. recommend that you explore road conditions on DriveBC and Highway cameras on Castanet.

Surrey has implemented a new program that offers maids with bars and restaurants that do not expect.

And, the daughter of an innocent person who sank in the Cloverdale club hopes that the program will prevent similar attacks.

The Agreed Progam Party launched Thursday, CTV News reports.

"I should not have lost my father because of someone else's decision on God to play," said Lexus Whitmee, now 19, to CTV.

Christopher Whitmee, 34, died after being hit by hidden bullets when he was hitting a group at the Cloverdale Show Lounge in May 2009.

"I do not know how a person can walk in a hood to a bar and have no questions. If we had the same things at the moment, it would be The story is different, "said Lexus.

The IPP is one of the recommendations from the Surrey Ranger Executive on Fighting Gang.

"Our message is very simple. We do not want you here. Not to stay, without playing, without settling it here. out, "said chief executive officer Surrey RCMP, Deputy Commissioner Dwayne McDonald.

Eight restaurants have been registered for their program.

– with files from CTV Vancouver

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