Play games out of Google Play after going to & # 39; make sure they are malware installing


Yes, the current mobile phone gaming department appears to be the highest income and a number of companies have set their focus on the # However, the lack of quality control and even regulation, the department will turn to Sometimes, without any land, which threatens users' information. Recently, Google has removed their 13-story racing game that put malice machines on users' devices.

Within a few days ago reports were published on a specific group of suspicious titles for malware on user tools, Google decided that the 13 games set by digital security experts were removed from Google Play . The titles, created and distributed by someone who responds to the name Luiz O. Pinto, similar racing games Icon for Truck Cargo Simulator, The Large car drive o Moto Cross Extreme and until they started off, they got 560,000 downloadable and even two of them became a move in the list of the latest Google Play bids.

According to the information provided by Lukas Estefanko, an expert in digital security, these games started to provide problems once and # 39; they started and the user's evictions gave him a thought that something had gone wrong with the installation, however, while & # 39; This happened, it went down an insightful program and once the process finished, the steam was straightened out of the screen of the device.

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