Play video for Far Cry: New Dawn


The "Far Cry: New Dawn" distribution is just a few days away. The play video is served as a good behavior.

PlayStation Underground published a new game for "Far Cry: New Dawn" which will give more images of its game world. We see old aircraft carriers and the old performing field. "Far Cry: New Dawn" will be released on 15 February, 2019 for its computer, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

He said: "It was developed by Ubisoft Montreal with support from Ubisoft Shanghai, Ubisoft Kiev and Ubisoft Bucharest, Far Cry: a new person shooter in New Dawn in A world that is completely open, the individual searcher to Far Cry 5, Far Cry: New Tha Dawn and put players in the aftermath of Scotland when they meet a double threat – Mickey and Lou pairs – There will be a huge selection of assistants and four-star friends as players of the players, but they can also get a friend for co-op games to make sure To experience Far Cry's months when doing nothing to happen. "

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