Players have a useful complaint, Ubisoft will revive the "Iridian 6 siege" communications changes. 4Gamers


Earlier this month, # 39; Ubisoft tells us that "Rainbow Six Siege" (R6S) will be a "consistent" change on the large arts environment for the third season of the third year (Y3S4), unhappy around the world. Today, Ubisoft announced today (21) that he will bring back these lively changes.

On November 2, Ubisoft announced on the official website that "R6S" will be entered into the Asia-Pacific region, until Y3S4 has a wave of volume. ; lively changes, and bloody, violent or comical "coordination" ideas are marked in artistic marks. China is not surprising in the policy of the game, but has brought back the global community's global lullaby.

Trying to make a lot of community fans "R6S" that is Ubisoft officially stated that they decided to bring the original games to each other in the "Windy City Action" version, and I hope that keep the patient's players. As every situation has not been instantly updated, but this is good news.

According to the official information, Ubisoft promised that the artistic improvement progress would try to influence the revision of the next revision period, as well as his / her. explain why they have removed the original "consistent" vibrant changes.

Ubisoft: We have been working closely with the & # 39; Our player community for the weeks, and we have a meeting with a team within Ubisoft. We want to make sure that they have good play knowledge for players, especially those who are our first supporters. We want to use first The vibrant settings are kept as large as possible.

"Iridescent Six: Siege Action" launched "Y3S4" Updated on its "Wind City Action" renewal paper, players of two marine seabirds, Kaid and Nomad (one attack and defender ), and will be the first New map closely linked to the castle, Moroccan Fortress.

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